5 things I miss about elementary school

5 things I miss about elementary school

Tonight we went to an ice cream social at Lilia’s school. This is the first time I had been to one since I was in 5th grade.

We lined up and got our tickets. The kids got to pick out their ice cream which they ate in 2.2 seconds before running off to the gym where they danced to a DJ.

They had a blast. My favorite part about the DJ? When he sang into the microphone to, “Tell your parents to have me over for your birthday or bar mitzvaaaaaahhhh!” before tossing out some cards to the crowd. Got to admit, this guy knew how to market himself.

At one point, while Lilia was dancing with her friends, Fran, Franky and I walked down the halls and peeked into some of the rooms. We checked out the library and the artwork papering the walls.

When nobody was looking, Fran ran down the hall, jumped up and hit one of the low ceiling beams. What’s up with that? Are males genetically predispositioned to jump up and hit things?

Tonight brought back fond memories of when I was in elementary school. I now present, in no particular order, the things I miss most about elementary school:

1. Staying late after school. No, not for detention (that came when I was older, duh), but for things like band and choir concerts and our very own ice cream social. Somehow it seemed more fun to be at school when all you were doing was running around with your friends and tossing back sugar.

2. Buying back to school clothes. We were on a budget, so getting some new clothes was the highlight of the year. I would always pick out a new sweater and insist on wearing it on the first day when it was still 85 degrees outside and our school had no air conditioning. As long as that humidity didn’t mess up my…

3. Crimped hair. My dad and brother used to call it a waffle iron, but I knew better. It was awesome. Cheers to my mom who would sit and crimp my long hair while I watched TV and ate Frosted Flakes.

4. School supplies. A Trapper Keeper covered in unicorns, sharp pencils and a new glue stick. Let’s not forget a new (She-Ra) lunchbox. Perfection.

5. Learning how to fold notes. You couldn’t just fold a note like you were mailing a letter. You had to master some crazy origami skills with the perfect little tab to pull your note open. Then you had to think hard about whether you wanted to circle “yes, no or maybe.”

What do you miss about elementary school? On the flip side, what did you hate about elementary school? Share in the comments!

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