Getting hypnotized by Andrew Johnson

Getting hypnotized by Andrew Johnson
No worries, that's just me being hypnotized.

Experiencing trouble sleeping or relaxing? You need hypnosis, stat!

I have always been a little obsessed with relaxation techniques. Not that I know how to relax on my own of course, but when they’re led by other people.

The first time I ever participated in a “relaxation session” was when I attended volleyball camp in high school.There was a sports psychologist there and at the end of the day, she had us lay down with the lights off. She started off with the whole, “first, relax your feet” and then about 3 minutes in, I was like jelly on the floor.

As an adult I started taking yoga classes or using DVD’s. I really think my favorite part is the cool down. It’s always an even toned instructor guiding you to relax. Then I can actually lay down and not feel guilty. If it’s call yoga, it’s exercise, right?

I started picking up some yoga type exercises again lately and have found that afterward, I just want to stay laying down on my mat. I’m usually interrupted by a dinosaur wielding 3 year old so that doesn’t last so long.

Plus, laying on my floor just makes me think that I should be vacuuming up after my dog. Not very relaxing.

Enter: Andrew Johnson, a relaxation expert trained in clinical hypnotherapy. Is he a doctor? No, he is not. However, neither are the relaxing yoga instructors, but they’re well trained in what they do, hence, my practically falling asleep on a hard floor.

Andrew Johnson has a variety of MP3s, Apps and CDs available in not only relaxation, but hypnosis for issues such as “enjoy flying” and “lose weight.” You can read more about what he has to offer by clicking here.

I downloaded Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson for Android (also available on iPhone) and I only listened to the first five minutes or so. I wanted to fall asleep, but since my kids can’t put themselves to bed (maybe there’s hypnosis for that?) I had to take out the ear buds and come back to reality.

I can’t vouch (yet!) for all of the hypnosis categories, but the relaxation one is just what I needed. Andrew Johnson’s voice is very relaxing and he also plays soothing music throughout. Overall, this guy has some pretty rave reviews.

I’m looking forward to my relaxing sleep tonight. I might even purchase the “beat procrastination” MP3. Yep, I’ll get that done tomorrow.

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