Writing a letter to your future self: you could change your life today

Writing a letter to your future self: you could change your life today

Lilia had the idea of making a time capsule, which was fascinating because I buried a time capsule in my backyard when I was in elementary school. I hadn’t told her about it so I was surprised she came up with that idea. A time capsule made me think of another, future related, meaningful activity.

I proposed my suggestion of writing letters to ourselves to Lilia and asked her what she thought she would be like in 5 years. She considered it for a minute.

“Well, I’ll be 11 years old. I think I’ll be like, seriously, like, whatever!” Apparently she’ll be turning into a valley girl in 5 years. Either that or she’s been listening to the fifth graders talk at her school.

She was pretty excited about this endeavor so she ran and got two sheets of paper and two envelopes. She wrote her letter on our coffee table and I wrote mine at our kitchen table.

We both separately folded and placed our letters in their respective envelopes without the other seeing it. We didn’t even tell each other what we had written. That will be a surprise for both of us in 5 years.

In fact, I won’t tell you what I wrote either, but I will give you some ideas on what you can write about. My letter followed some of these ideas:

  • How do you feel at this moment in your life?
  • What are some hopes and dreams you have for the future?
  • What goals would you like to have accomplished?
  • What obstacles do you currently have that you would like to overcome?
  • What are the positives and negatives in your current life?
  • What advice would you give to yourself 5 years from now?

Of course, these are all just suggestions. Ultimately, you will choose to write your letter however you like. You can always add a photo, drawing or even poem if that suits you.

Find a place where your letter will be secure. I put mine in a memory box that I have tucked away. I barely open it, but it’s still in a place where it won’t get lost.

This simple exercise in writing could teach you something about yourself, whether it be dreams, obstacles or personal goals. Answering these questions today, might lead you on a different path for tomorrow. Happy writing!

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