What's the secret to calm kids during a thunderstorm?

What's the secret to calm kids during a thunderstorm?
Lilia's photo - Clouds rolling in

What’s the secret to calm kids during a thunderstorm? Embrace it! Here in Chicago the forecast called for severe thunderstorms, softball sized hail, possible tornadoes and maybe even a derecho.

This blog is all about learning something new and/or doing something new every day. Today, Fran and I learned what a derecho is and Lilia took her first storm photography photos.

A derecho is a wide, straight line windstorm that’s associated with a fast moving band of severe thunderstorms. Derechoes produce widespread wind damage and can have winds up to 100 miles per hour. You can read more about derechoes by clicking here.

We’ve been a little cooped up in the house this evening with rain, lighting and rumbling thunder. What’s a family to do? I used to think that we should do things to “keep the kids mind’s off of it” but then I realized, I love thunderstorms so why should we ignore them?

I lived in Southern California for five years and one of the things I missed the most was the Chicago weather. It’s true! I love summer, but the perfect San Diego weather became too much for me. (Cue my California friends hissing.)

I used to say I felt like I was living in the movie Groundhog Day with the same weather, over and over. I wanted an intense thunderstorm, crunchy leaves in the fall and maybe a sprinkle of snow on Christmas. No such luck.

Every time we hear thunder, I tell the kids how much I love it. I ask them to join me in looking out the window so they can point out the dark clouds or watch the birds fluttering out of the rain.

Lilia wanted to try her hand at taking photographs and was excited about the clouds rolling into the previously sunny sky. She needed very little help and started clicking away.

Franky then sat with me by a window facing our backyard. I explained to him how happy the animals were that it was raining. They would be able to get a drink of water and the robins would be happy looking for all of those worms wiggling in the grass. He pointed to our garden and said that the garden was happy too because it likes to drink water.

After we ate dinner, Lilia pulled out some paper and colored pencils and began to draw. She showed me her drawing of our house in the rain and pointed out how we were safe inside watching the lightning.

I’m no psychologist, but at least with my kids the secret is to admire the storm. If I tell them “there’s nothing to be afraid of” it seems to actually have a negative effect. When pointing out all of the reasons to enjoy thunderstorms, I notice two calm kids during some pretty crazy rain and thunder.

As for the derecho? We’ll see if that shows up. If it does, we’ll be busy drawing, playing games and listening to the rain.

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Lilia's Photo - Gray Skies

Lilia’s Photo – Gray Skies

Rain Drawing

Rain Drawing

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