DIY Super Bubbles: Easy Backyard Fun

DIY Super Bubbles: Easy Backyard Fun

My friend Diane sent me a recipe for DIY (do-it-yourself) super bubbles and today was the perfect day to give them a try. I couldn’t figure out what to use in terms of a bubble wand that would make humongous bubbles.  A wire hanger was suggested, but I couldn’t find any at the house and I didn’t have any luck finding any in the store. Apparently, too many people have been watching Mommie Dearest lately. So, I cheated a little and used a big plastic wand that came with another backyard bubble tube that we had.

We got started on the recipe which calls for 6 cups of water, 2 cups of dish soap (we used Dawn) and one cup of corn syrup. Lilia carefully poured all of the ingredients into a big, plastic bowl and Franky got to stirring. The kids were all excited about the super bubbles and I had to keep reminding them they might not be so “super”. I’ve had my fair share of bubble disappointment before and I didn’t want them to go through the same trauma. Okay, I’m slightly dramatic, but you get the point.

We used the bubble wands and they produced medium sized bubbles. Then, something cool happened. Instead of popping right away, they flew high into the air or they sort of bobbed along the grass. We noticed as a big bubble bounced (whoa, hello Dr. Seuss!) on our patio table and didn’t pop. The best part about blowing bubbles is running to pop them. Usually, they burst when they hit the ground, but these guys kept their shape and soon the kids were running like crazy to pop away. Lilia started pulling out sand sifters and other backyard toys to see if those would work for bubbles. I tried my hand at dipping in a mesh cover. The result was little bundles of backyard bubbles (seriously, I’m killing it at alliteration here). So, if you are looking for a simple thing to do with kids this summer, DIY super bubbles are the way to go.

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