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Vietnam: 10 things I learned in Saigon

Vietnam: 10 things I learned in Saigon
This summer I was in Saigon Vietnam doing research for a class I’ll be teaching in Southeast Asia next summer. I am very excited about this class. Southeast Asia has long had a complicated pull on me, sparked by the U.S. war in Vietnam which raged during my early childhood. Complexities from that conflict are... Read more »

Welcome the Return of Light at an Ancient Wisconsin Effigy Mound Solstice Observance

New Year’s day; I love it. All the holiday parties are done, all the expectations met in one way or another. This is a day I can do whatever I want. Half the population is staying in with a headache or a football game, (or both); the streets and byways are quiet. With any luck there’s been some snowfall…. It’s a wondrously quiet day. Just me and my resolutions.
Every solstice and equinox, an observance ceremony is held on a small Native American Effigy Mound known as Frank’s Hill in southwestern Wisconsin. The site is on the National Register of Historic Places, and considered sacred by many. The hill – part of the Shadewald Group – is owned by a local farmer named Frank... Read more »

Historic Chicago - Michigan Avenue

The Michigan Avenue Streetwall marker with Columbia College and the Spertus buildings.
I’m often on South Michigan Avenue, and on a recent morning as I walked to my office I noticed an historic landmarker posted on the street. It got me thinking, and took me down this path connecting Columbia College Chicago, the Spertus Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the International Harvester Corporation, the McCormick Reaper... Read more »