Light in the Chicago Loop: A Photographer’s appreciation

Light in the Chicago Loop is a photographer’s inspiration. It plays across surfaces, curls around the corners of a collection of the world’s greatest buildings, and surprises with an occasional flash of brilliance.

A few years ago one morning, a colleague and I happened to arrive together at the entrance of our office building in the loop. “Here we are,” she said, “stepping through these doors – every day – for how many years.” It was both a lament and an appreciation.

“Here we are.”

Making photographs is this to me – a habit of observation, a means of slowing down to take in the character of a moment. As in meditation, I am held in the present moment, attending to observation. All else falls away.

Here. We are.

I’ve been collecting images in the loop for years, recording the presence of beauty within the mundane – the to and fro of daily life.

Below, I offer a selection of some favorites. I hope you enjoy.

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