The Lion Marches In: Lake Michigan Pilgrimage

The Lion Marches In: Lake Michigan Pilgrimage
March 3, 2014

At Lake Michigan today, the air was so clear I could see Indiana on the horizon. A cobalt sky and magically crisp. Incongruous considering the grey storm I drove in on this morning to get here.

I guess we have some lambs in our near future; that is if the old proverbs have anything to say about it. For now though… more snow and frost and cold than we know what to do with. This winter is officially amazing.

I’ve grown accustomed to the sublime beauty of the lakefront this winter. Not that it’s commonplace. Indeed, every day here is more spectacular than the day prior  – and yet also AS spectacular as each of those prior. I relish it, revel in it, cherish it.

Today, the view was serene and crisp. Smoke billowing from stacks on the eastern shore were visible. And snowfall from the weekend once again cleaned up the surface – powdered and lovely; all dressed up for the week ahead.

As I walked down here, a line from the Henry vanDyke poem came to mind; “To be governed by your admirations rather than by your disgusts”; and I realize that’s how it is with winter. I pretty much hate my boots by now, and the jacket and gloves and scarves and all that. But I also am grateful for them.

And the snow — really?! anNOTHER snowstorm?! But then, here it is, spread over the lake and shrouding all the dirty piles of ice with a sparkly dust that turns my thoughts to wonder.

It’s all dichotomies – the good with the bad, the admirations with the disgusts. Better to focus on the positive. Even the lamb and the lion…

Until next time, here’s to keeping your head in the positive and your feet on the (frozen at the moment) ground.

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