It's OVER! Chiberia, Winter, The Polar Vortex. Gone, Gone, Gone! See Ya Later Aligator!

Can you believe it!?! We MADE it! Winter is over! The resolute march of planets, sun and moon guaranteed it. And so we arrive at the Vernal Equinox. We knew it would come, and yet in the dead of winter, we doubted it. That Polar Vortex freaked us out.

But, in the words of the great Peter Sellars, “not anymore…”

To celebrate, here’s a trip down Chiberia memory lane. Because even if it gets cold and snowy again, it can’t get to us now. Spring is just around the bend.

Here, for your delectation, is January:

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This post is a response to the ChicagoNow “Blogapalooz-hour” challenge to “Write a post in one hour defending a guilty pleasure.”

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