Pilgrimage to Lake Michigan in Photographs: Day 7

Pilgrimage to Lake Michigan in Photographs: Day 7
January 16, 2014

I met with a thin frizzle of snow as I stepped out on my Lake Michigan pilgrimage today. Warmer. I don’t need gloves.

A little farther along though, I am grateful for my hood.

There’s a definite current in this part of the lake, the waves pushing steadily northward. Consequently, to the north and out along the harbor edge is a coating of ice firm enough to support some resting ducks. Even farther beyond is ice in the distance, and I want to get into a boat and just go out there and see what it looks like out there.

But the water taxi isn’t running right now.

I think back to a time on Door County when a group of us rented a pontoon. We came close to an island that seemed to be swarming with birds. The kids wanted to see what it was like out there, so they took their floaties and set off. They came back with reports of a rocky surface caked in bird doo and they felt like they’d been on the Galapagos Islands. Explorers and discoverers.

Today I recorded some video of the icy waves and I thought about Harry Callahan’s experiments with films and double exposures. It’s been awhile since I saw it, but as I recall he layered footage of waves (these waves!) and feet walking and maybe some cars driving by. His work was all wrapped up in excitement about the possibilities of photography and film. Each work was a unique visual exploration.

The winds pick up – chilly gusts from the Southwest. And the flurries are little spits of ice on my face. I suppose this would be drizzle if the air were warmer.

I’m missing my gloves now, and it’s getting harder to see the distant ice and the ducks.

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