Pilgrimage to Lake Michigan in Photographs: Day 10

Pilgrimage to Lake Michigan in Photographs: Day 10
January 21, 2014

My Lake Michigan pilgrimage was more internal today. Internal as in inside. As in inside the house. The kitchen to be specific. A small plumbing disaster created our own little lake on the floor of my parents’ kitchen.

Okay, it was a puddle. Together with a messy bunch of flooded under-the-kitchen-cabinet type stuff. But it makes a better story if I call it a lake. And, you know … I’m trying to stick with a theme here. Thank you for playing along.

It’s funny how an unexpected turn of events like that can both mess with your plans and create an opportunity at the same time.

Not being much of a plumber myself, I called for consult.

I had my brother on the phone receiving photos of my plumbing leak and him sending me possible solutions.  At one point we did a joint Internet search together and discussed various options for repair. Then my brother-in-law who is much handier than me came by and did the actual fixing.

It was all a very inspiring experience of flexibility and collaboration and teamwork. And it warmed my heart on a frigid -5° day.

At some point during the festivities I took a much-needed snowshoe with the dog. Cold! And quiet. And a good antidote to the frustration of unexpected shifts and changes.

So my picture today is of the snow and not the lake because the puddle on the floor didn’t make a very good picture.

Even if it was metaphorically, a lake.

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