Twenty Cities Most Vulnerable to Flooding World Tour

“The 20 Cities Most Vulnerable to Flooding” was highlighted recently on ArchDaily website. As I read down the list, it stuck me how many of them are in Asia. I thought about it as a world tour. And there’s an urgency to it as well. I felt a strong urge to pull out a map, plan a trip and get to these threatened places before it’s too late.

It would make an interesting trip: Start in China. Wander along the coast, feel your toes in the sand, stare out over the ocean and think about what you would do if it swirled up, covered you, and swept away the city at your back. I  know people have had these exact things happen to them recently in Japan, New Orleans and New Jersey, so it’s not a tough thing to picture. But still it’s worth considering.

Chicago isn’t on this list of vulnerable cities. But New York is, together with New Orleans, Boston and also Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which I wrote about recently.

This could be the ultimate eco-tourism trip. It would clearly be a trip designed to cause as little harm as possible to the environments visited. You might even try and save ’em. I’m reminded of a book I heard about recently by a guy who traveled around the world visiting the globe’s most serious environmental disasters. An odd theme for a world tour, but I’m sure there have been odd-er.

Maybe I’ll do this one though, because there’s something about going to beaches, and there’s something about knowing they are threatened that changes the imperative. It’s not just about getting a tan and drinking fruity cocktails in the sunshine, though that’s all well and good. Somehow, realizing we can lose them makes them more attractive.

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