A tin house in Andersonville, 'Coffee Studio' and 'Roost' offer "All that Heaven Allows"

I stopped in recently to one of the very best coffee shops in the city; the Coffee Studio at 5628 N. Clark St. in Andersonville. Check it out sometime. Hipster vibe, comfy chairs, broad mix of clientele, and a great, big table in the window to sit by yourself or with friends and commune while you watch the traffic pass you by. It’s a perfect Sunday-morning-into-afternoon kind of place.

Right across the street is the completely cool Roost. It’s an arts and antiques shop stacked to the brim with housewares and curiosities that have a particular kind of mid-century / farmhouse aesthetic. On a recent visit, I found this dollhouse, and fell in love with the play of light on its charming tin surfaces. It’s got mid-Century decor built into its floors and walls. This is the kind of house that brings to mind scenes out of ‘Far From Heaven’, Todd Haynes’ gorgeous and brilliant remake of the great Douglas Sirk’s ‘All that Heaven Allows’. (Here’s a great discussion of both films in the New York Times).

A delight of those films is the light, and the styling, the autumn setting in chilly and grandiose New England. Place is the lovely surface, with layers of social complexity beneath.

I’m not sure this little tin house has all those layers, but I sure do love it’s sweet tinniness, and the way the shadows, both painted and real, fall across its seams.


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  • Great pics!

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