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Revolutionary Color Photography and William Eggleston and Me

"Memphis". William Eggleston. 1970's
In the 1970’s, William Eggleston made a photograph in Memphis Tennessee containing the small details of a home’s front door and a basketful of posies. Dappled light flitters across the surface revealing textures of paint and rust. The image stops me in my tracks. The details so revealing of social class and expectation, of design... Read more »

A tin house in Andersonville, 'Coffee Studio' and 'Roost' offer "All that Heaven Allows"

Tin House Front
I stopped in recently to one of the very best coffee shops in the city; the Coffee Studio at 5628 N. Clark St. in Andersonville. Check it out sometime. Hipster vibe, comfy chairs, broad mix of clientele, and a great, big table in the window to sit by yourself or with friends and commune while... Read more »

Historic Chicago - Michigan Avenue

The Michigan Avenue Streetwall marker with Columbia College and the Spertus buildings.
I’m often on South Michigan Avenue, and on a recent morning as I walked to my office I noticed an historic landmarker posted on the street. It got me thinking, and took me down this path connecting Columbia College Chicago, the Spertus Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the International Harvester Corporation, the McCormick Reaper... Read more »