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Les Blank's films of people and place

I had the honor this weekend of seeing Les Blank’s superb film which title I cannot name. A legal falling out with the musician who’s the subject of the film means that the film can only be shown when Blank is present, and without publicizing the title nor subject. Weird, huh. But the upshot of... Read more »

Contending with the Urban

My students today exhibited an unusually strong interest in the urban. It’s maybe understandable, since they are studying photography at an urban downtown campus. But today they used phrases I don’t think I’ve heard before, and certainly not with such consistency. Phrases like ‘hijacking public space’ (with an installation of vibrant helium balloons that all... Read more »

"This House is Not a Home" at Southside Hub of Production

A wonderful exhibition just closed at Southside Hub of Production in Hyde Park Chicago. This Hyde Park mansion on the U of C campus is no longer a home in the regular sense. Traditional family life has been displaced by a larger sense of home and community life. The house at 5638 S. Woodlawn Avenue... Read more »