How to change this mad, mad world

A CNN Headline: “House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees”

On ABC: American Killed in Mali Attacks Was Mother and Peace Corps Volunteer

In a recent polling survey, GOP voters were invited to describe their top candidate, Donald Trump. They say he’s an “idiot,” a “jerk,” or “stupid” and another 6% describe him as “crazy.” He’s a buffoon. A joke. “Egotistical,” “narcissistic,” “outspoken,” and “opinionated.” And he’s the GOP’s number one guy. The second place candidate, Carly Fiorina didn’t fare much better, with descriptors that included “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy.”

What is this madness our world has become?

When I was a little girl, I loved reading historical fiction. I always cursed how I was stuck living in “such a boring time where nothing exciting happens.”

And here we are now. What a change. Less than 50 years later, the world as we know it is tumbling down the rabbit hole with mind boggling velocity. Each da, we spin faster and faster and faster, whirling wildly out of control in the Mad Tea Party cups at Disney!  But where is this insane ride taking us?? Donald Trump and his contemporaries with their bizarre propositions…and they genuinely think they are well-equipped to lead the world. The Westboro Baptist Churches with their venom-infused hate speech…and they genuinely believe they are doing a good thing. The racism, the classism, the judgmentalism (religious freedom be damned – I gotta protect what’s mine, Mine, MINE!) And we  all too gleefully talk it to death as we complain, point fingers, and insult others but so few are willing to actually DO anything to fix this colossal problem that has become the world in which we live – this must change!

What was I thinking all those years ago?? Stop this madly spinning teacup! I want OFF.

But I can’t get off the ride. I have to stay and I must do something. I have to help. One person at a time. One and one and one and one. And so begins another winter of my little neighboring the neighborless outreach here in Chicago.

we rise

What are we actively doing to help  change things for the better? You needn’t wait for someone else to give you directions. DO something! Buy a coffee for that executive in line ahead of you!  at Starbucks (or wherever)! Help the homeless find a way to stay dry and warm as winter arrives! Sponsor someone who’s going to help the Syrian refugees. But DO something because we have got to change the direction in which we’re heading! Here’s a list of ideas if you can’t think of anything – just click a link and the websites will walk you through what you need to do:

Help Syrian refugee children via UNICEF

Donate to help a court case dog train with a military veteran in Chicago

Support disabled US Veterans through a multitude of programs, such as…

We have to do something – I’m not talking about that touchy-feely kumbayah stuff. Roll up your sleeves and start taking care of this world you live in. For yourself. For your children’s children. Seriously. Because we are fucking this shit up at warp speed. Listen to each other! Talk and converse instead of constantly focusing on yourself and what makes you and your like-minded friends angry! Share ideas. Learn from each other. Stop thinking in terms of “Me” and “Mine!” Start thinking in terms of “We” and “Ours!” Grow! We really can make change happen!

But don’t just talk about it – roll up your sleeves, get your work boots on and do something GOOD. Be the change, people. Please. Because we have got to make our world a better place.

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