Blogapalooz-hour Topic: My Tomorrow

Tonight’s exercise? Write about my tomorrow. Not figuratively. Literally.

Okay, confession time: I wasn’t going to do this exercise. I’m not a celebrity. I’m not a jet setter. I’m not a criminal. I detest conflict. I’m not rich. I’m not broke. In general, my day’s pretty … you know… average. So what is there for me to write about? At first, I thought I didn’t have anything to say. Then I realized I DO have something to say. My tomorrow takes me one step further from my “before story” and one step closer to my future. And I’ve got big plans for that, my friend.

My before story isn’t pretty. It’s too exhausting to go into right now, frankly. Maybe I’ll share another time but, for today, I’m here marking time toward my tomorrow. What’s my tomorrow going to be like?

Tomorrow I will continue my life journey. I’ll be one step closer to my goal of being a better version of my current self. I’ll be another step closer to being an inspiration to others, encouraging them as they walk through life. One step closer to meeting my goals for my business. One step closer to meeting my first weight loss goal. And, best of all, I’ll be one day closer to my daughter’s freedom – she was kidnapped eight years ago by my ex-husband when she was nine years old and the courts never returned her to me (I always told her “we have to go through this hard thing to get to the good thing,” and we’re less than two months away from The Good Thing).

I have very clearly defined goals and tomorrow brings me one step closer to meeting them. I don’t expect much to be different from today but, whatever may come, I’m ready.



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