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The Mayor Buckles. . .

The Mayor Buckles. . .
The people were heard. A besieged Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired Police Chief Garry McCarthy. He was under pressure from all quarters – protestors, the business community, ministers, fellow politicians, the media, but most of all the people. There are many lessons to be learned here. The mayor supported McCarthy until he couldn’t. Public pressure was... Read more »

The Political Game Show. . .

The Political Game Show. . .
The media has changed. The world has changed without a doubt. The digital revolution has created a new evolution in media. I have concerns about the substance of media content – the technology makes everyone a “journalist,” anybody a spokesman, and reality TV churns out some unreal version of real life. Online, Facebook, twitter is... Read more »

The Donald

 by Hermene Hartman Keep your eye on Donald Trump. He is not to be underestimated as he enters the business of electoral politics. He may not win the 2016 election, but he will definitely shake things up and may even determine who becomes the next President of the United States. Trump could be the Jesse Jackson of Republican... Read more »

The Mayoral Run-Off: History in the Making

  The Mayoral Run-Off: History in the Making By Hermene D. Hartman   The historic mayoral election is over, the voting is complete, and the people have spoken. Mayor Rahm Emanuel was punished for closing the schools and ignoring the neighborhoods. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia was heard and stands to become the first Hispanic mayor of... Read more »

The Mayoral Election

The Mayoral election is February 24. Rahm Emanuel will return as the boss of City Hall. The other four candidates make sense, but none have the resources for a serious challenge. Like it or not 75% of running a political campaign in now time is marketing, which means money and TV commercials. To date, the... Read more »

Ferguson Is A Tale Of Black Men In America

I watched the news programs on Sunday as they discussed the Ferguson, Missouri protests and the case of Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. It is almost insulting that the commentators leading the conversation are so ignorant about the history of killing Black men in the United States. In bewilderment and amazement, they ask questions... Read more »

12 Reasons Rauner Won

The State of Illinois has a new Governor. Republican Bruce Rauner won with 51 percent of the vote. Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn lost with 46 percent of the vote. Rauner accepted victory on election night before Quinn conceded the next day. Here are 12 reasons why Rauner won and is the new Governor, and for... Read more »

Bruce Rauner for Governor. . .

  I have already cast an early vote for Bruce Rauner to become the next Governor of the State of Illinois. I voted for Bruce Rauner because the State of Illinois is in trouble. The State of Illinois is in economic decline and in need of economic stimulus, which businessman Bruce Rauner can provide, and... Read more »

Blood Feud - 10 Reasons You Should Read about Back Room Politics on The Obamas and The Clintons.

  Ed Klein has written yet another bestseller, following on the heels of The Amateur, his 2012 chronicle of President Barack Obama. His latest, Blood Feud, about two First Families – The Clintons and The Obamas – provides hot copy. His book has created quite a stir as some have challenged Klein’s accuracy regarding what... Read more »

Why The Obama Library Should Be At Chicago State But Will Probably Go To The University Of Chicago

The first step of the Barack Obama Presidential Library sweepstakes is complete. Monday, June 16, was the deadline for all interested parties who want to host the library to submit initial bids as to where they would put it, how it would serve as an economic engine in the suggested location, and how local organizations... Read more »