The Political Game Show. . .

The Political Game Show. . .

The media has changed.

The world has changed without a doubt. The digital revolution has created a new evolution in media. I have concerns about the substance of media content – the technology makes everyone a “journalist,” anybody a spokesman, and reality TV churns out some unreal version of real life.

Online, Facebook, twitter is the new mass media where anything goes, with no rules. The news reports celebrity tweets. News is instant as it is captured by the video on the cell phone.

Indeed the world has changed. The news has changed. Where is the news? What is news? The new news features the best political sound bite, the best negative story and highlights the bizarre.

Watching TV news in some instances is watching a long commercial. The “news items” market and promote the station’s’ new shows. For example, it is major news about who dances on Dancing With the Stars. It is also early morning news about who was voted off of Dancing With the Stars the night before and what it felt like when the celebrity dancers were disregarded.

The news is quick to talk about what is trending on You Tube, what policemen got caught performing a less than respectful arrest with a phone video. The “news” shows the silly animal story and tells us about the world disaster of the day, the flood, the fire, the accident.

The news shows the robbery in action, the racial incident that all want to suggest is not racial that obviously is. We receive round the clock coverage and updates on tragedies like Ferguson, church killings and mass murders when lunatics go mad.

Perspective/Insight . .


What the news does not do is give us perspective and/or insight. The feature story has vanished almost completely. Chicago local news tells us about the killings over the weekend. The story is identified with a scoreboard and a neighborhood. Cubs won the game last night by a score of 10 to 5. In Englewood over the weekend, there were 42 shootings and 8 killings.

Little Johnny is shown killed in an ordinary situation, like sitting on the porch or walking home from school or standing at the bus stop. The newscaster is quick to say this is or is not a gang related murder. The audience has become numb to the murder report.

And so this same new “news” carries into the political reporting and the political debates. The election is a year away and we already have stations leading with the political report of the day.

Trump was on top for the Republicans, and he dominates the news with his news bite statements. Trump is the best candidate to work the media. He leads the discussion and all react to him, from the newscaster to the pundit to the other candidates. He is impactful. He man not win the nomination, but he indeed will carry the conversation for this year’s election.

Now Ben Carson has taken over Trump’s lead in the Republican race and the media is raking him over the coals with their game of “Did he or did he not?” as they investigate every minute thing Carson has said happened in his past.

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The Political Game Show . . .


The Republician Candidates look like a game show.

The political debates are being conducted like a game show, comparable to Trivial Pursuit. The questions are not policy oriented, or agenda based or platform sound. Some of the questions are silly and personal. The pundits play “gotcha!” or “stump the candidate.”

In the last debate some of the candidates were visibly disturbed with the reality show type atmosphere and demanded more from the media panel – enough so that they have banded together to determine for themselves how the debates will be run instead of the networks and Republican Party honchos.

Trump has carried it a step farther and said he will negotiate with the networks directly about how he will participate in the debates. And the networks will oblige him because of the ratings bonanza Trump brings to these reality show debates.

In these reality show debates, the media and the networks are presenting candidates for the job of being the President of the United States like they are game show contestants – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Carly Fiorina, come on down!


The Panel

Enough of this. We need real questions, hard-line questions so that we can have answers about the direction of the candidate’s leadership plans for the country. Our lives are affected in real time.

We all have to realize that the candidate’s beauty pageant posture is very different from the real person who will hold that office and what they will do. The candidate’s promise differs often from the candidate’s deeds as they serve in office.

So the pundits needs to take a deep breath and begin to give us real news on the candidates, asking them real questions, and stop poking in their personal lives and making fun of their speaking patterns and physical gestures.
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Just as we engage a new media, we need a new commentator. We need people who command answers to real questions. We need real people who reflect the real population of the United States. Where are the African Americans and where are the Latinos on the debate panels?

I would love to see a candidates’ debate with Oprah Winfrey, Bill O’Reilly, Ted Koppel, Charlie Rose, Barbara Walters, Steve Harvey and Wendy Williams asking the questions. This would be a dream team that would interview and pose the right questions to get real answers. I would also like to see a debate with the average citizen, that is the policeman, the student, the teacher, the nurse, and the small business owner.

The media requires a shift. The situation is too serious to keep going as it is.


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