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“I’ve always been the type of person that wanted to change people and touch their lives. That’s what I love about singing and theatre.” -Syesha Mercado, N’Digo 2010


There are very few in the entertainment industry that are genuine when sharing their gift and delivering a positive message to the world through their given talent.

 Syesha Mercado is one of them.

She’s an absolute ball of life! The 24-year-old singer/songwriter and actress is truly a special gem meant to perform and be seen

As we sit in the lobby of Chicago’s James Hotel, her charismatic personality sparks authenticity and her message of purpose spawns deeper than the search for just said fame.

“I never knew what (genre of music) I wanted to do,” she says smiling. “I just knew that the music I was going to make was going to have an impact on people in a good way. I want to be an inspiration to young people so that they can go on the right path.”

Her goal continues to be met. While in Chicago promoting her latest single, “Christmas Melody”, currently available on iTunes, Syesha also headlined The Geanco Foundation’s Health & Hope for Africa Concert Gala, which was held at the Museum of Science and Industry on Chicago’s South Side, Saturday evening.

Her charitable efforts even extend to a performance in Austin, Texas for the Border-to-Border charity event held at Barter Creek Ranch and a school tour in her hometown of Florida where she spoke to students about preventative measures of bullying.

“Whenever it comes to charity work, I don’t care what charity it is, I will be involved in whatever it is,” she beams. “I just want to be a part because I know it’s making a difference in someone else’s life and I’m all about that!”

Made For The Stage:
The Florida native first made her worldwide appearance in 2008 as a contestant on the seventh season of the popular American Idol, where she placed third in the competition.

As the second runner up and only female left standing, the exposure has led the entertainer on a prosperous journey with a tumultuous amount of support. Following the show and the world tour, Syesha made her theater debut starring as “Deena Jones” in the Broadway Production of Dreamgirls, where she also made her visit to Chicago!

“When we were here (Chicago) for Dreamgirls you guys really came out and supported us. It was packed every single night.”

In the midst of conquering Broadway, the eccentric free spirit also carved out time for her first love, music while taking on more auditions. It’s safe to say, her years have been quite a whirlwind of success.

“Oh…my goodness, I’ve done a lot of shows, performances, auditioning a lot and reading scripts,” she exclaims. “And while I was wrapping up Dreamgirls, the last two weeks, I was filming my first movie, Dreams, in Joliet (Illinois).”

Dreams, directed by Joel Kapity, marks Syesha’s first feature film and introduces her as the character, Mia.

“There’s four main characters. My character’s name is Mia and pretty much all the main characters are battling issues from their past and most of the issues are very taboo, stuff that people don’t talk about,” she explains. “It’s kind of like Crash-meets-Stomp The Yard with a little bit of Precious mixed in there. You just see us throughout the movie trying to move forward and fulfill our dreams.”

Currently the film is independent but that title may be going away sooner than later.
Syesha laughs, “There’s been a lot of buzz and talk going on, so that independent title probably will be gone, very very soon! Their goal is to have it out by 2012 and I have faith that it will be.”

As for now, the sprouting singer and actress is gaining her fan base and building buzz around her music career. She’s built a new website,, where all can keep up with her industry progressions.

“Right now, we’re advertising the iTunes single, “Christmas Melody”, which is out right now. I’m trying to encourage people to just go on there, and even if they don’t purchase the song, they can “like” it, share it on Facebook and Twitter and really just share how they feel about it. I’ll release another single in February.”

Syesha Mercado has the world of arts and entertainment in the palm of her hands and she’s successfully embracing the hustle. Since American Idol and Broadway, her schedule has been non-stop and she is indeed controlling her destiny.

“I always tell people, no one will work harder for you than you. You just have to be on your grind and make it happen; if you’re waiting on somebody to do something, that’s fine. But while you wait, take action.”

She smiles, “I am an independent artist so everything I’m doing now is all on me. I’m just really happy right now, it’s all just working out. It’s a lot of hard work but I’m content with being independent right now and you can do it on your own!”
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