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The Super Bowl is all about the food

I was thinking about what I love about the Super Bowl. Okay, I must confess, I really don’t care who plays in it unless my team is playing (Chicago Bears), however, I do care about the commercials and the food. In fact, if you look up “Super Bowl” in the dictionary, the definition surely will be... Read more »

President Trump, it's time to be presidential now

Dr. President Trump, I have always been of the belief that once a President is elected I will honor that–whether I voted for that person or not. There have been many times when I did not agree with their policies or how that president handled himself, but knowing that I can voice my choice 4 years... Read more »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can affect anyone, even me

October 31st is not Halloween to me anymore. No, I am not against Halloween. I still pass out candy to the kids who dress up and ring my doorbell. In fact, I love seeing the children in the neighborhood wearing their costumes excited to see what treat I have for them. You see, on October... Read more »

Steve Goodman's "Go Cubs Go" is a Song of Hope

It’s blogapalooza! What does that mean, you ask? Once a month, ChicagoNow bloggers have one hour to create a post and all must publish at the same time. The topic this month is to write about a song that has special meaning to me and why…here I go! Everyone who knows me knows that I am... Read more »

Chicago Cubs: You Finally Don't Suck

I have been a Chicago Cub’s fan my whole life. Being a Cub fan I have experienced some good, lots of the bad, and too much of the ugly, however, I have never given up on them. Just like all the other true Cub’s fans, I have said so many “wait til next year” on... Read more »

Channeling your inner child is freeing

I’mmmm baaack!! I have been on hiatus for awhile, not because I had nothing to say, on the contrary, I have lots to say. I have been very busy because my son recently got married. On July 10, 2016 I officially have all my children married. I am not great with knowing names of songs... Read more »

I am a rule follower...sometimes

It’s blogapalooza! What does that mean, you ask? Once a month, ChicagoNow bloggers have one hour to create a post and all must publish at the same time. The topic this month is to write about rules I routinely break or want to break…here I go! I am a rule follower…most of the time. Rules are... Read more »

President Donald Trump? Be careful what you wish for

I do not consider myself a Democrat or Republican—I vote for the candidate I feel is closest to how I believe government should run. I know there is no perfect candidate, I also understand that I cannot have everything I want. Sure, I would love to see our government pass everything that is important to... Read more »

Berry Tiramisu Recipe

I love to spend time with my friends, I also love to cook. What I am about to tell you may seem crazy to some but not to me. I receive so such joy by sharing my love of food and cooking with those that I love. Do not get me wrong, I still enjoy... Read more »

Stop the Stigma: Mental Illness is no Different from Physical Illness

Mental illness…just the thought of it seems to send chills down peoples’ spine because of the stigma associated with it. I have one question, why? People do not have the same reaction when they hear the term diabetes, obesity, stroke…I can go on. Diabetes and depression have a lot in common…after all both are due... Read more »
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