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Autocorrect--Why do you make a fool of me?

Hello, my name is Nancy Chodash and I have a texting problem. I am not addicted to texting, in fact, I prefer to call people when I have more than 3 sentences to convey. My texting problem occurs when I swipe text. Swipe texting is when I put my index finger on the first letter of... Read more »

Has anyone seen where I put my sleep?

It’s blogapalooza! What does that mean, you ask? Once a month, ChicagoNow bloggers have one hour to create a post and all must publish at the same time. The topic this month is to write about sleep and its impact on my life…well here I go! I used to love to sleep. Before I had... Read more »

Food that's shaped like...

How many times have you picked out a potato chip or any other food from a bag and it was shaped like one of the fifty states, or the exact replica of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary or one of our Presidents? I have eaten a lot of chips, always hoping to have that one chip... Read more »

My Guilty Pleasure

It’s blogapalooza. What does that mean, you ask? Once a month, ChicagoNow bloggers have one hour to create a post starting at 9 pm and all must publish at the same time at 10 pm. The topic this month was to write what my guilty pleasure is. Well, here I go… Everyone has a guilty... Read more »

Menopause---I am no Longer a Feminist, God is a Male

There is only one explanation why the word menopause is not one of the 7 dirty words George Carlin said in his very funny comedy bit—because HE IS A MAN!  There are many adjectives I could use to describe menopause such as cruel and unusual punishment; however, before I get to my rant I want... Read more »

American Girl Dolls of Chicago---Their Real Lives

American Girl dolls are so popular among young girls and hated by many parents. I never really knew much about these dolls since I have boys aged 23 and 25; however, my nieces are completely mesmerized by the entire American Girl doll hullabaloo—yes I did use the word hullabaloo. Girls can either choose to purchase... Read more »

Jews and Italians-- We Share More than just Guilt

I love Italy.  I love the people, the food, the culture.  When I was in Florence 3 years ago, I felt as if  I was home.  I must have Italian blood in me (I even shared my famous marinara sauce with you which is at the end of this post).  Is it possible that this... Read more »

Screw the Bucket List---I am Writing a F**k It List

Creating a bucket list sounds like a great idea; unfortunately, we tend to begin writing it only when we realize we are not going to live forever.  I started my list when I was 46 years old.  While I have checked a few things off of it, my list will never be realized not only... Read more »

Gluten-Free Potato Pancakes (Latkes) or Potato Kugel Recipe---I Go Both Ways

I wanted to submit my recipes for both my gluten-free potato pancakes (latkes) and potato kugel; but I did not know which day would be best to do that.  I thought and I thought and it hit me…how about during Hanukkah since potato latkes scream Hanukkah.   But there are 8 days of Hanukkah, so which day... Read more »


Welcome to Nancy’s World!  I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.  While I had a blog on another site, I am so thrilled to have moved it to ChicagoNow. Let me tell you a little bit about me.  I am a nurse practitioner who has a wealth of... Read more »
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