Change is Scary: 4 Suggestions to make it Easier

The word “change” brings chills down the spine of many, including me. The truth is, without change, progress would be impossible whether in ones career, family life, or even one’s personal happiness.  Why is change so difficult? Intellectually we all know change is good, but not knowing all the possible outcomes of that change is far scarier than what we are already used to.

How can we take the leap and change something that we are unhappy with devoid of all the fear and anxiety that comes along with it? I wish I had the perfect answer. I personally have struggled too many times with wanting to change something but too fearful of the unknown. This fear has caused me to have anxiety and self doubt which has caused negative consequences in both my physical and mental health. But what I want to share with you, though, is that when I finally make the leap to change something I am in a much happier place in my life 9 out of 10 times. For this girl who loves to gamble, that’s very good odds.

change your story

Here are some suggestions that I use to give you the confidence to make a change:

  • Understand what it is you want to change. If you are unhappy with your job is it the career you do not like or management? Is it the work environment or the location? Without understanding what change you are looking for you may end up in the same predicament you wanted to get away from.
  • Think of the worst consequence possible regarding your change and is that a deal breaker. No matter what change you make there will be something you may not be happy with. There is no perfect job, companion, friend, house…I think you see my point. With your change, what can you live with and what would it be to cause you to say no to that change–your deal breaker .
  • Understand that you will have second thoughts and may even freak out a bit. Normal. Change is stressful so give yourself permission to freak out–scream, kick–but just for a few minutes. You will feel better getting your stress out (I always do). Accepting that you will be a stress ball (my son gave me that term) is okay as long as you do not let the stress take over you. That is not healthy.
  • When you begin to irrationally try to derail your efforts to make a change because of fear, reread my suggestions because only you can make a change. Believe in yourself that you can do it because if you do not believe, you will never reach your dreams.

I hope my suggestions will help you change whatever in your life you want to change. You will second guess yourself at times, that is normal. I have tried to derail my efforts for change worrying about everything that could go wrong. Once I began to follow the suggestions I shared with you I believed that I could do it. Remember, 90% of my changes were good but I still had 10% failures. Did these failures ruin my life, absolutely not. In fact, my failures not only made me stronger but were also a good reminder that whatever change I am going to make I should go for it because I AM A SURVIVOR.

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