President Trump, it's time to be presidential now

Dr. President Trump,

I have always been of the belief that once a President is elected I will honor that–whether I voted for that person or not. There have been many times when I did not agree with their policies or how that president handled himself, but knowing that I can voice my choice 4 years later helped. President Trump, this always worked for me until now.

I did not vote for you President Trump, but I respect the office so I tried to have an open mind hoping that once you were in office your lies, bullying, and childish banter when you do not agree with what is said, even though it is factual, would stop. You take lying in the oval office to a new level.

Mr. President, if you want to be a respected leader you need to grow a thicker skin. You have reached the highest most respected office…you need to respect this office and all that it stands for. Remember, you lost the popular vote by 3 million…not because of illegal immigrants voting…because you were just not the chosen one. Yes, you won the Electoral College so you are in office which I may not like, however, I accept that. What I do not accept is your continued disrespect to the people you represent. It is time you take the high road before you begin seeing more and more large protests. Here are a couple suggestions to help you to become an effective president:

tweetBefore you send out a tweet, read it. The tweet should never be why you are the greatest, or the smartest. If the tweet bullies people or is a lie don’t send it. Remember, you cannot delete any more of your tweets, emails, etc. because they need to be archived. Do you really want your inappropriate tweets to be your legacy? Sending out these types of tweets not only angers the majority of the people who did not vote for you, but, more importantly, makes you look weak and foolish. Please remember that you represent the people of the United States of America…not just those that voted for you.tweet1

President Trump, the number of citizens who voted for you paled to those that did not vote for you. You cannot just cater to them or worse, make decisions based on inaccuracies. The majority of people did not like your agenda and felt America was always great but could use some improvements. In other words, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU…it’s about the people, all the people. Please don’t forget this President Trump.


A Proud American Citizen

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