Chicago Cubs: You Finally Don't Suck

I have been a Chicago Cub’s fan my whole life. Being a Cub fan I have experienced some good, lots of the bad, and too much of the ugly, however, I have never given up on them. Just like all the other true Cub’s fans, I have said so many “wait til next year” on the last game of the season. Yes I bleed Cubbie blue.


I have been asked by many people how/why I always have hope. My answer is simple. The Chicago Cubs are family to me. Sure I have had many Cub disappointments but, just like family, I will never give up on them.

These last two seasons I have seen a transformation of the Chicago Cubs that only one word is needed to describe them….SPECIAL. I am not discounting the other baseball teams but let me show you why the Chicago Cubs are no longer the lovable losers but the lovable winners no matter how this season ends.

  • They work together as a TEAM–there is not one selfish playerno-i-in-team

  • Each of the players enjoys what they are doing and it is not all about the money. Take Jason Fowler, he turned down more money from another team to re-sign with the Chicago Cubs

  • There is no ego on this team

  • The team chemistry is something I have never seen in my lifetime

  • Joe Maddon is an excellent manager and understands what motivates his team. He has a connection with his players. Maddon tells his players “Never let the pressure exceed the pleasure” which helps the players be the best they can be. I believe this creates a positive working atmosphere which improves the moral of the team and improves performance. As a fan, watching the Chicago Cubs reminds me of watching my kids play baseball–all about having fun.

  • This is a young team who will grow together throughout the years


I do believe this team has all it takes to win the World Series this year but, being a Cub fan, I have learned to take it one game at a time. That being said, this Cub team is very special and I am looking forward to watching and cheering on my team the Chicago Cubs. As all Cub’s fans say, Go Cubbies Go!

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