President Donald Trump? Be careful what you wish for

I do not consider myself a Democrat or Republican—I vote for the candidate I feel is closest to how I believe government should run. I know there is no perfect candidate, I also understand that I cannot have everything I want. Sure, I would love to see our government pass everything that is important to me, however, that is unrealistic and selfish. There will always be those that want something and others against that same thing. No government can please everyone.

I choose my candidate by listing the issues that I will not compromise on–these are my “deal breakers” and I will not vote for that person. I then list all the issues by importance to me, and I choose the candidate that best represents where I stand. No one will match me perfectly, I understand that. All I hope for is that there is a candidate that I can stand behind.

I am so angry with how our government has been working and I would love to send a letter to every person involved our Country’s operation outlining all of my disappointments. My letter would go to the President, Vice President, all the Senators, Congressman…I think you have my point.


I do not believe I am much different from other Americans. I remember a time when there was actually compromise in our government. Sure, there was debate amongst the different parties but things got accomplished with both sides getting something they wanted just not everything. Today all I see is fighting—like young children fighting over their toys. Didn’t we teach our children about sharing? Didn’t we teach our children that in life we cannot always have what we want and that life is about compromise? Sometimes I wish I could put our government in the corner for a time out.

I would like to know how we can go back to acting like grown-ups. Because of the inability for our government to work how it should, it has created too many problems. Let’s take our upcoming election as an example. I am actually embarrassed to be an American. Yes, I know all candidates would love to just be able to tell us why they are the best one for the job. Campaigning over the years has become mudslinging with negative campaigning, which I despise, but this year there is actually “bullying” going on by the candidates.

What completely baffles me is why there are Americans actually rallying behind that. What is wrong with us—if my children did this I would punish them. How can we allow our government to act like this? What message are we sending to the other countries around the world? We pride ourselves on freedom and equality yet Donald Trump spews hatred and uses people’s fears to go against what America has stood for just about 240 years. Yes I am embarrassed but I am more fearful of what may happen if we continue to allow a person like this becoming president. This reminds me of how Hitler got into power by promising a better life to those desperate for change. Closing borders, deciding who and who are not allowed in Germany…sound familiar?


Yes, I want change  but I do not want someone who will make America divided, who believes that certain ethnicities are not welcome in our country, who believes that they are superior to everyone by spouting how they are the best at everything and know more than anyone else. I do not want a candidate that other civilized countries have to debate on whether he should be allowed in their country…yes, this happened in the United Kingdom.

What do I want? I want each and every one of you to vote. Before you decide which candidate you will vote for, promise me one thing, research. Think about what is important to you and look at each candidate. Read each candidate’s platform and decide which one is closest to your views/values/morals. But, just as important, how will that candidate accomplish each and every one of their promises/goals and is it realistic and lawful.


Anyone can articulate their views on why they feel our country is not great. The truth is that our COUNTRY IS GREAT but in order to stay strong our Country needs to continually change with the current time. It is not just words that lead to change but realistic actions. It is laughable asking another country to pay for a wall to keep their citizens from crossing our border. Yes, we do need to address illegal entry through our borders but not by exploiting people’s fears.  Imagine Canada deciding they do not want Americans coming into their country because Americans create more greenhouse gas effect than they do. Now imagine Canada demanding us to pay for that wall—yes, just as laughable.

The wonderful thing about being an American is that we have choices on who we want to elect. All I ask is that you make an educated decision. You may still decide to vote for Donald Trump who scares me–that is your choice and I thank you for at least expressing your wishes in your vote. I just hope that the saying—BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR doesn’t come to fruition.


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