The Road to Acceptance Leads to Inner Peace

A while back, I wrote a blog post entitled “Acceptance can be a Hard Pill to Swallow“. This post discussed that acceptance can only truly occur if there are no other plausible solutions, otherwise, all you are left with is regret. I need reminders of that quite often. Wouldn’t it be great if magic wands did exist? So many times patients come in looking for that “magic wand” to take away their cold, cure their illness, etc. Trust me, if I had a magic wand I am pretty sure I would use it on myself first. No, I am not selfish, just honest.


There have been many times that I have given advice to a patient about something only to experience that same occurrence leaving me feeling powerless. In my profession, I counsel/treat patients every day. I can tell you from experience that it is much easier being on the counseling/treating end than the receiving end. I do not have enough fingers or toes to count the times my own health care providers have said to me “Nancy, what would you tell your patient?” You see, I am no different from you. I too struggle with decisions regarding my health, relationships, life. I always thought that when I became older and wiser, it would be easier to accept things–or at least not care as much. Strangely, that is not the case for me……yet. Why is acceptance so important?

Let’s first understand what acceptance does NOT mean. Accepting something only means you are at peace with that situation, it does not always signify that you agree or are happy with it. In fact, you may even have some strong feelings regarding this. This is okay as long as it does not cause suffering. We all learn from pain, whether it is physical or mental. We learn pretty quickly not to touch something that is hot because we can get burned or that some relationships are toxic–that love isn’t always enough. It is when we take that pain a step further and turn it into suffering that becomes detrimental to our well-being. You can accept and be unhappy with a situation, however, being unhappy and feeling trapped in that situation is what causes suffering which is unhealthy.

We all have choices, do not forget this. Many times we do not realize how our actions affect those around us because we are human and not perfect. The question is whether you can accept some peoples’ bad behavior knowing that it is not you causing this but that person’s own flaws and insecurities. Here is where your choices come in. You can choose to accept it, reminding yourself that it is not you creating this behavior, you can set up boundaries so that you are not sucked into their drama, or you can sever the relationship if it is negatively affecting your own well-being and mental health.

Why is acceptance so important? Because if you cannot get to acceptance on whatever struggles you may have, this will fester and cause you more strife. Remember, only you can come to terms of what you can or cannot accept. The road to acceptance may take some time, however, inner peace is the ultimate destination and one which everyone would love to achieve.



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