I Love you Summer

It’s blogapalooza. What does that mean, you ask? Once a month, ChicagoNow bloggers have one hour to create a post starting at 9 pm and all must publish at the same time at 10 pm. The topic this month was to write a love letter, but it cannot be to a person. Well, here I go…

Dear Summer,

I know you may find this letter a bit odd, after all, you are a season. But the truth is, you are just not any season, you are my favorite season.

Too many times in our lives we do not tell the objects of our affection how we feel about them until it is too late. Today, while I was sitting outside under my pergola, drinking a glass of wine, breathing in the smells of summer while listening to the birds chirping, I had a revelation. At that moment I realized that I love you.

This is not a fleeting feeling. While over the years I have felt an emotion for you that I could not put into words–a deep “like”, comfortableness perhaps, but today it was if I was hit by a brick so much so that I could not hold in my feelings any longer.  That is why today is the day I pledge my love to you so that there are no misunderstandings.

I know I may be hurting the other seasons’ feelings, but it is not fair to them hoping that I have the same feeling for them. In fact, while winter can be pretty at times, it is often frigid and depressing and makes me want to run away—that is an unhealthy relationship for me and I am strong enough now to admit this. At least fall and spring have warmer personalities and I embrace their friendship, however, they still do not offer me what I need to lead a happy and productive life. You do.

i love summer

I know, you are wondering what you truly have over the other seasons. You know the saying, “How do I love you, let me count the ways?” Here is a list of some of the reasons why my love for you continues to grow. I do not want to share all the reasons at once since I believe relationships need some suspense to help keep the spark going:

  1. I love how you flower me with such treats like fresh fruits and vegetables
  2. I love that you are the light of my life for more hours than winter ever is
  3. I love that I can have Dairy Queen and get my favorite chocolate chip banana blizzard (c squared b squared) and eat it outside without shivering
  4. I love that people are friendlier when you are around
  5.  I love that your sunny disposition quickly returns  even when you rain on my parade or are a bit temperamental and storm out

Thank you for letting me share my feelings with you. Even if you do not feel the same about me, I know that my love for you is enough for the both of us.

With All My Love,


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  • All great reasons to love summer! I've been noticing the smells more on my walks recently. I'm wondering if I'm paying better attention or if everything blooming is just more fragrant. Maybe the flowers are just as happy to have survived the Polar Vortex as we are.

  • In reply to Shannan Younger:

    I agree, I believe we are more aware of all the wonderful aspects of summer since winter was, to be blunt, hell.

  • I'm sure summer feels the same way about you. How could it resist your love?

  • In reply to Kerri K. Morris:

    Thank you, probably why winter hates me so much too :)

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  • Wait until you read my "Dear John" letter to winter :)

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