My Guilty Pleasure

It’s blogapalooza. What does that mean, you ask? Once a month, ChicagoNow bloggers have one hour to create a post starting at 9 pm and all must publish at the same time at 10 pm. The topic this month was to write what my guilty pleasure is. Well, here I go…

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, even if they do not admit it. Sure I could say chocolate is mine or even getting massages but why should I feel guilty about that. Trust me, being Jewish I know guilt all too well. There is, however, one guilty pleasure that I could share with you.  The truth is that I am not sure I am ready to admit it to the whole world, after all, I do not want to ruin the vision you have of me. I bet you are wondering what this guilty pleasure is. Lucky for you, today is the day that I share to the world that I like to gamble on the casino boats. Wait, do not get ahead of yourself, gambling is not my guilty pleasure.  While I do love to play blackjack and craps, my guilty pleasure is watching the people at the casinos.

Have you ever noticed how many people who gamble on the casino boats are missing teeth. I just want to go up to them and shake them and say “Save your money, buy teeth.” I always wonder if they started the day with teeth but lost them in a bet. I wonder if they hope to win teeth, however, I never ever see any “teeth” payouts.

I think I have the perfect idea. Maybe the casino needs to have slot machines named Double Dental or Wheel of Bridges where, if you have 3 molars in a row, you win teeth! Maybe the litmus test of whether a person has a gambling problem is how many teeth they have missing. In other words, if they look in the mirror and have to use rope as dental floss maybe they should not go all in with a pair of deuces, just saying. Phew, I just looked in the mirror, I can go back to the boats again tomorrow, my pearly whites are all still there.


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  • Hahaha my dad is a professional gambler and is missing teeth!

  • In reply to kirby:

    Lol, my theory stands :)

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