American Girl Dolls of Chicago---Their Real Lives

American Girl dolls are so popular among young girls and hated by many parents. I never really knew much about these dolls since I have boys aged 23 and 25; however, my nieces are completely mesmerized by the entire American Girl doll hullabaloo—yes I did use the word hullabaloo. Girls can either choose to purchase an American Girl character from either a historic or contemporary time period or they can create their own unique doll by choosing the physical characteristics they want their doll to have. There are also on-line activities and a book series for each character doll which demonstrates that girls can be strong, confident and do anything they set their mind to do. While I do like the message that the books and on-line activities send to young girls; I do have a couple of concerns.

First, these dolls are perfect. They all have the same body (normal sized) and their skin and hair are beautiful without any imperfections. There are no overweight ones, or ones with scars. Even with make-up and cosmetic surgery I could never look that good. Second, these dolls are quite expensive let alone the cost for all the extras. You can buy doll furniture, clothing, pets, and accessories. In fact, if you are lucky enough to live in a city where an American Girl Doll store is located, you can bring your doll to the store (and your wallet thick with cash) where the doll and her guests can enjoy a nice meal or the doll can get pampered by having her hair done. You can even have your doll’s ears pierced or take it to the hospital if it gets a booboo–oh the madness!

I do have to give credit to the company; they do know how to run a business; however, these dolls do not represent the majority of our real American girls. Because of this I am thinking about starting my own company which will be named; “The Real American Girl Dolls of Chicago”. I have been working on my catalog but I can share with you some of my doll ideas.Tammy

1. Tammy— She loves the outdoors and enjoys riding a motorcycle without a helmet so that she can have the wind in her hair. She has a tattoo on her upper back of a butterfly which symbolizes her free spirit. She also loves to meet people; but she is more careful now since she was held up at the “L” station where her cell phone and wallet were stolen. Tammy comes with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt with a smiley face on it, and her friend named Pat.

Lawyer Doll

2. Elizabeth –She is a high powered respected lawyer during the day, but at night, she loves a good whipping. In court, her dominating presence creates an atmosphere of fear; but when she is home, she prefers to do whatever her dominatrix wants her to. She comes with a sex contract, a safe word card, Aloe Vera and a business suit.

Izzy doll

3. Izzy—She is the perfect wife/mother and envied by everyone. She is the president of the PTA, helps in her children’s classrooms, dresses to the hilt, always looks beautiful, is a vegan who only eats sustainable foods, tells everyone how she is the luckiest woman around but secretly, she hides bottles of wine in her closet and “drinks” because she hates her life. Izzy comes with an expensive Calvin Klein dress, high heels, a Porsche, and a cork screw.


I am also going to build my own store with alternative choices that represents the mainstay of our great city. Sure, you can have your doll’s ears pierced at my spa, along with their bellybutton, lips, nose, or even their nipples. You can even get your doll a tattoo. My store will also house a hospital but will be affordable because every doll deserves basic healthcare. However, if your doll needs any cosmetic treatment, there will be an extra charge. If your doll wants to clean up their “bad habits” and go into rehab, this will be done on a sliding scale since not everyone can afford the same fee but everyone deserves the same care; even the poor dolls.


My store will have an “alternative lifestyle” room where you can buy other dolls that match your lifestyle such as a gay or lesbian doll, a single parent doll, a gang member doll, or 2 dolls that are married couple but like to swap with other dolls just to name a few. We also will sell accessories that match your doll’s alternative hobbies such as leather whips, organic food, and automatic weapons for “hunting”.

I could go on forever but I would like to know what doll/accessories/store ideas you have for me. Please do tell!


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