Insights from turning 60

I just turned 60 years old and I have the strong need to look at my life. 60 years old does not seem “old” but, let’s face it, I am fully aware that my years ahead are going to be far less than the years I lived. I do not want to be morbid, I... Read more »

Halloween is the worst day and happiest day of my life

Halloween has a different meaning for our family since 10/31/2012. It was the worst day and the best day of my life. On that day my son went through brain surgery to remove his cancerous brain tumor. The journey was tough in the beginning with complications and those memories will forever be etched in my... Read more »

Giving yourself Permission to make YOU a Priority

I have been “quiet” for a long time, too long. I can list numerous reasons why, such as a new practice I joined, my father-in-law passed away, taking care of family health needs, blah, blah, blah. While these are substantial reasons why, they are also excuses for not writing. Over the last year when I... Read more »

I am going to stop obsessing, maybe

It’s blogapalooza! What does that mean, you ask? Once a month, ChicagoNow bloggers have one hour to create a post and all must publish at the same time. The topic this month is to write about something I used to obsess about but now rarely, if at all, even think about. Here we go…… I just... Read more »

Bringing wonderful summer memories into winter: Delicious and Easy Pickled Banana Pepper Recipe

I am sitting in my backyard under the pergola where the sun is shining through the checkered top and the birds are happily chirping. A rabbit just hopped to the middle of the yard, looked at me as if to say hello, then continued on his journey. It is warm outside but the wind is... Read more »

May is Mental Health Month: Help Stop the Stigma, you may Save a Life

Everyone feels strongly about some cause. There are many ways to show one’s support such as donating money, advocating, blogging, and/or educating their friends and family. May is Mental Health Month and I will do anything I can to ERADICATE THE STIGMA OF MENTAL ILLNESS by promoting mental health awareness. I understand why so many disorders... Read more »

Change is Scary: 4 Suggestions to make it Easier

The word “change” brings chills down the spine of many, including me. The truth is, without change, progress would be impossible whether in ones career, family life, or even one’s personal happiness.  Why is change so difficult? Intellectually we all know change is good, but not knowing all the possible outcomes of that change is far scarier... Read more »

Autocorrect--Why do you make a fool of me?

Hello, my name is Nancy Chodash and I have a texting problem. I am not addicted to texting, in fact, I prefer to call people when I have more than 3 sentences to convey. My texting problem occurs when I swipe text. Swipe texting is when I put my index finger on the first letter of... Read more »

Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe, not just for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where one is supposed to send a greeting card, chocolates, gifts, and/or share a romantic dinner with those that they love. I remember my parents always giving a box of chocolates to each of their children. I would only eat one or two a day so that my box would... Read more »

If the stress of life gives you lots of lemons, you can make lemonade with help

Everyone at some point in their life will feel overwhelmed by life’s stresses. Whether it be health, financial, or relationship difficulties these can cause both physical and mental harm if not addressed. This is especially true if these stressors keep adding on. Imagine that you have a box that you use to house all your life’s... Read more »
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