Can green coffee bean extract be the cure?

Obesity rates around the world have doubled since 1980.   It’s no wonder that everyone is looking for that magic bullet to jump start their weight management program.  So, what’s the latest diet craze?  Green coffee bean extract!  Can weight loss be as easy as a Green Coffee Bean? 

It’s been featured on Dr. Oz show as well as touted as the newest weight loss weapon in the battle of the bulge.  A recent clinical study, published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal, followed 16 people who were supplemented with green coffee bean in a double blind study.  The group taking the supplement lost significant weight with the average of 8 kilograms or 17 pounds.  Plus they also lost overall body fat without changing or adding exercise to their daily routine.  It’s not the caffeine in the little coffee bean that has scientists excited, it’s a  nutraceutical called GCA. GCA, or chlorogenic acids, have been found to influence glucose and metabolism as well as other health benefits.  It seems GCA helps slow the uptake of glucose into the blood stream as well as increase the liver function in metabolizing fat.   This means feeling fuller, having a steady level of energy as opposed to energy swings from glucose level changes in the blood stream.  
But with more than a dozen products on the first page of google alone, which one is the right choice?  Most products are taken before meals and there are pills and even Vanilla Latte carmel chews!  So like many people who are looking to lose that 5-10 pounds, I decided to try Re-Body Green Coffee Bean Extract chews as well as engage another co-worker in the challenge.  Like most diets, it really comes down to following through with the routine.  
Well after the seven day trial, I’m still not sure if the results are as good as they say.  I did manage to lose a few pounds but I also found myself more conscious about what I was eating since I had to eat the chews before each meal.  The research on GCA does show promise and if by merely taking the product people are more aware of themselves, I have to say it’s probably something worth a try.

800 mg twice a day before meals.


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