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Reflections on my 10 year Facebook Anniversary

Facebook told me that it is our 10th anniversary. Apparently I signed up in June of 2008. That sound about right. I had come back from a trip to Europe and sent around my Prague Marathon story. Back then I did my blog posts and status updates the old fashion way: annoying emails that most people deleted... Read more »

Facebook Take a Break Feature puts friendships on Life Support

The other night a friend from my College Years posted something on Facebook that could be perceived as racist, if read in a certain light.  Specifically, any light bright enough to read her status post in. It would be easy to unfriend her and not look back.  In fact, since I am trying to trim... Read more »

Facebook Life Hack: An alternative to de-friending

Updated: When I started working on this post, it was as a compliment to my other Two for Tuesday post. However, after doing some diligent fact checking…okay I went to grab a screen capture and found that my information is now obsolete. Apparently Facebook changed things again! Still the point in this post still stands.... Read more »

Facebook Life Hack: How to handle those stupid Chain Posts

Has this ever happened to you? You are reading through your Facebook feed, sorting through all the cat pictures, memes and status updates that are much happier than the people are In Real Life when suddenly you see a strange or unusual status on a friend’s status. Without thinking you like or comment and the... Read more »

Six Way to Give Up Facebook for Lent

<strong>1)  40 Seconds:</strong>  Whenever you see a post that infuriates you or otherwise moves you to fire off a quick comment, stop and count to 40 before commenting.  Or better still, jot down your comment somewhere else and read it 40 times before deciding to post it.  you might decide it's not worth commenting or you might even come up with a better way to write what you were going to say.
If you’re Catholic, Episcopalian or part of another liturgical faith, you might be mildly aware that Lent is around the corner. Maybe you’ve had this unexplainable gnawing sensation that you are supposed to be doing something or getting some ashes and when is Easter again? (It probably doesn’t help that it isn’t a fixed date... Read more »

Facebook up to no good -- Again!

If you liked my Facebook Fan Page, thank you! The latest Facebook algorithm changes might cause you to miss some of my posts and you don’t want Facebook deciding what you can and cannot see do you? here’s a fast and easy way to stay engaged with my page. 1. Go to my Facebook Fan... Read more »