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Chicago Marathon Security restrictions prohibit friends running along

In past years Chicago Marathon participants could have someone join them along the race course and run a few miles for encouragement and fellowship. As long as the “spectator” didn’t start with the runner or attempt to run through the finish line, a blind eye was turned toward these runner helpers (I call them Gunners... Read more »

Chicago Marathon 20 Miler done. Next stop: The real deal

If you are training for the Chicago Marathon, or any fall marathon, chances are good that you ran a 20 mile Long Run over the weekend. Maybe it was your first, or if you are a marathon veteran, perhaps your training schedule called for two ot three 20 milers. Or maybe you’re one of those... Read more »

Chicago Marathon training brings the Labor Day Blues

If you are training for the Chicago Marathon — or most any fall marathon — chances are that by now, you’ve begun to notice something about your training that you might never imagined: you’re sick and tired of it all. The getting up at the wee hours of the morning, the almost religious adherence to... Read more »