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Flashes of Confidence

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No one has ever accused me of posing an overabundance of Confidence. There have been glints, glimmers, and flashes, but at best I usually oscillate between cautiously optimistic and Fake It Til You Make It, with a heaping helping of Second Guessing thrown in for good measure. Now the question  I have is, is it... Read more »

That Time I missed Qualifying for the Boston Marathon by 15 minutes

It’s the 2nd/4th Wednesday of the month and that means Blogapalooza where we are challenged to write a post and publish it in one hour. Here is this month’s challenge: “Write about a period or moment in your life when you were at your best.”  Here’s my take: Ten years (and a few months) ago,... Read more »

5 quotes that resonate and have meaning for me

I have tons of quotes scattered throughout the harddrives of my computers.  When I kept a journal (both physical and electronic) I would sometimes put a quote at the top for stylistic affect.  There’s just something about a good quote that inspires and resonates with you.  Here are five quotes in no particular order that... Read more »

How I met my wife

In the spring of 2009, my running friends and I went down to St Louis to run a marathon. I was having some physical issues so I just signed up for the half, while my friends were committed to the full. At the time it was just another half marathon. Having run the St Louis... Read more »