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IKEA Hack: Entryway Storage using Expedit Shelving Unit

The previous owners had the hallway painted a dark red and had a storage bench with coat hooks.  Unfortunately, they took this piece with them when they moved.
So we were trying to figure out what to do with the hallway of our new house. We needed storage because the three hooks on the wall were insufficient to hold our coats, especially since somehow coat after jacket after coat after handbag  would pile on until the poor hook screamed for its life.  Not... Read more »

DIY Pipe Shelf Pantry

<strong>Before</strong>:  This is what the area looked like, just a small 8" ledge.  That thing is a Shelf with baskets that I got from Hobby Lobby.  It's good for storing Onions, potatoes and more onions.
Update: if you want a more formal set of instructions, here is a similar project I found. My feelings will not be hurt if you use this instead, or take something from either post. Update2: or you could just buy this one.  It’s a smaller unit for the same price and since you still have... Read more »

How to fit a Queen unto a King

King bed without headboard
Not what you think.  After years of sleeping on queen sized mattresses, my wife and I finally upgraded to a king.  The change has been amazing.   We now have room for both of us and two cats, although for some reason they still insist on sleeping in our air space. Only one small problem:... Read more »