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Fixing my Through-The-Wall air conditioner dilemma

It is a very old, <strong>SEARS Coldspot</strong>.  How old?  When you google the model number you get Maytag refrigerators because <em>Sears </em>stopped making these around the time Nixon resigned.
One of the warts of our 106-year-old house is that it does not have central air conditioning.  Over the years I have explored installing some type of cooling system but it has always been cost-prohibitive.  In the Master Bedroom, we have what is known as a Through-the-Wall air conditioner.  What some crazy or visionary previous owner did was take a... Read more »

Sometimes even the simplest DIY projects become complex

<strong>Location</strong>: This under utilized power outlet is the ideal location for a charging station because while it is in the center of the kitchen, it is also off to the side and has enough counter space to support an iPad in an upright position.
On a recent visit to my in-laws, my FIL gave me a spare USB Charging Electrical Outlet they had lying around.  As much as I embrace technology, I didn’t really feel like I need one of these in our house any time soon.  But since they gave it to me for free, essentially saving me... Read more »

When to hire out and when to DIY

<strong>Before:</strong> The gate was rusty and an ugly green
I’m happy to report that one of the many home repair and improvement projects around our house has finally been completed. We finally got someone to paint our Wrought Iron Gate and Basement Access Doors (known affectionately to us as our Wizard of Oz doors). A good rule of thumb is if you hate a... Read more »

DIY Quick Fix: Repairing a hole in a plaster wall

So this happened.
A couple of weeks ago I had to repair a hole in our upstairs hallway.  The  reason I had to repair it is because I foolishly lost my temper and slammed my fist against the wall.  I really didn’t think I hit it that hard but apparently I caught the plaster at the right angle... Read more »

Garlic Soup is the best hangover cure

With summer just around the corner, most people are thinking cold beer, not hot soup.  But I’d like to share a recipe for a soup that does double duty.  First, it is a great way to prevent a cold.  If you feel a cold coming on, a bowl of this garlic soup will keep those... Read more »

DIY Closet Shelf

<strong>Before:</strong>  There is over two feet of unused space at the top of our closet.  Adding another shelf would allow me to move less frequently used items higher up and recapture the two lower shelves for more frequently used items like bed linens.
A short while ago I had Erin from Organizing with Erin come over and evaluate our storage situation.  One thing she suggested was adding a shelf to our bedroom closet.  There were several ways I could go with this suggestion.  The easiest would be to get a board, plop it on some books and call... Read more »

Fixing a broken fence gate on the cheap

This gate was starting to rot and would not open or close easily
The back gate that leads to the alley was in need of some repair. While the wood itself was still serviceable, the gate had somehow shifted and it was hard to open and close.  There was also some wood rot and structural disintegration that prevented me from simply patching it with a few new boards.... Read more »

PSA: Five things to keep in mind when selling on Craigslist

Recently I was looking for an item on Craigslist and I decided, what better way to share my experience than to tell everyone how to do something better! I’m looking for a specific item and this post will focus on that. however these rules apply for almost anything you are selling on CL except perhaps... Read more »

My Almost Free Grill thanks to Sears and ChicagoNow

If you live in the city you should consider chaining your grill
So I bought this Kenmore 4-burner LP Red Gas Grill w/searing burner and side burner at Sears. The regular price was $399.99 but of course they had one of their perpetual sales and the item was $100 off. Here are pictures of me putting the damn thing together. How The Grill was Almost Free I... Read more »

How to build a Fence Gate on the cheap

The other day I decided to take a crack at fixing the gate between my deck and the side fence in my yard.  Technically there isn’t much need for a gate here but as Previous Owner had one,  I figured maybe there is a reason.  Perhaps once every full moon it becomes a portal to... Read more »