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Dear Chase Bank: Stop Spamming me

Every month, I get an email from my bank telling me that my statement is available online.  I also get one for my Chase Credit Card telling me that my balance and minimum due can be viewed online.  Finally, every time they tweak their site or terms of service, I get an email telling me... Read more »

Pope Francis met with Kim Davis: So Fucking What

“Kim Davis Secretly Met with the Pope.” It’s true. A thrice-divorced woman met with a 78-year-old virgin to complain about married people. — God (@TheTweetOfGod) September 30, 2015 Pope Francis met Kim Davis at the Vatican Embassy during his stay in Washington.  To which I say, in the words of John Belushi:  “BIG….Deal!” A lot... Read more »

Matt Walsh Blog comment teaches unexpected lessons

A short time ago, I made a comment on a Facebook post by Matt Walsh, self proclaimed Sayer of Truths. It was an off the cuff remark which was one part sarcasm, one part snark and, if I’m being completely honest with myself, one part unintelligent retort, at least if I were trying to argue... Read more »

I want to break up with the gym

This is an experience I had trying to quit my gym a few years ago before I had a blog, which meant I  “blogged” by sending my “posts” through e-mail to friends or posted in the Notes Section of Facebook.   I’m sure most people just deleted the e-mails without reading them.  Rather than re-work the... Read more »

An Open Letter to my Creepy Co-Worker

Dear Creepy Co-worker, It looks like you read one of those self-help posts in LinkedIn. The one where they tell you to get up from you seat and walk over to someone’s desk to solve the problem.  Be a Super Star and go meet the challenge of the day at the source, it probably read.... Read more »

Day Care already starting to Disappoint and we aren't even signed up yet

Among the many things we need to figure out with respect to having twins this fall —  that we are hopelessly, hilariously behind schedule on — is finding day care.  Good Day Care Centers are hard enough to get in with one child and when you have two, it naturally decreases the odds.  This is... Read more »

Five baffling Twitter scenarios I will never understand

<strong>1) Following thousands, thousands followers,</strong> so how the hell does <a href="" target="_blank">@jadevarden</a> decide who to drop?  I mean can you really see that person who doesn't tweet much in all that noise!
At the risk of sounding like one of those old people who doesn’t grasp the latest — hey you kids, get off my lawn — technology, I just don’t understand Twitter. When it first came on the scene, I didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just send a group text to all your friends. Then I... Read more »

A New Breed of Brain Fart

I’m not 100% certain this qualifies as a type of Brain Fart but since I cannot cleverly reverse look-up what this is, I’m going to refer to this as a new kind of Brain Fart for the written word. Basically it’s when you composing a sentence and there are two or more ways to write... Read more »

CTA Fail during the Polar Vortex

The other week, during one of the many sub freezing days of this winter’s Polar Vortex, I was waiting for a CTA bus to arrive at my stop. Before leaving my warm and cozy house a couple blocks away, I tried using this wonderful piece of technology called CTA Bustracker to tell me when the... Read more »