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How Realistic Should Sci-Fi Be?

One of my Facebook groups always asks — when they aren’t fighting about the original versus the reboot — how something could have occurred In-Universe. The answer is usually because the writers didn’t understand how science works and didn’t devote a lot of time to World Building or consistency. But it does raise a good... Read more »

The Tale of My Scale

We needed a new scale so I decided to get one of those fancy digital ones that connect via Bluetooth, WiFi, and Gregorian Chants. The scale arrived on or just before Dec 1st and I started weighing myself. I weighed myself 3 times because I just couldn’t believe how fat I am wanted to get... Read more »

Types of People you meet on Facebook Marketplace

Last Summer I spent a lot of time selling things on Facebook marketplace. It was almost a full-time job. You have to snap pictures and put in a decent description. And as a best practice, you also need to include your general location because people just don’t pay attention to where they are searching. I... Read more »

The opposite of Mansplaining

Those small holes are Wear indicators that identify when a blade needs to be replaced Mansplaining and its cousin, Toxic Masculinity, are real things and I don’t mean to make light of them. I’m not claiming the story I’m about to tell is in any way, shape or form the antithesis of Mansplaining. I just... Read more »

Facebook Take a Break Feature puts friendships on Life Support

The other night a friend from my College Years posted something on Facebook that could be perceived as racist, if read in a certain light.  Specifically, any light bright enough to read her status post in. It would be easy to unfriend her and not look back.  In fact, since I am trying to trim... Read more »

Groupon Customer Support Fail

The other day my wife sent me an email with a link to a Groupon Deal.  This deal was only available for customers who receive the promotional email directly from Groupon.  However, after purchasing the deal, Groupon prompted my wife to share the deal via email with her friends, hence her forwarding it to me.... Read more »

Mitch Tribisky, your table is waiting

Hello Mitch, or do you prefer Mitchell?  Either way, welcome to Chicago where the backup quarterback is the favorite, until he isn’t.  I know you got off to a rough start with the neurotic Bears fan base.  We want a starter under center that can be the franchise quarterback, but we don’t really want to... Read more »

What happens when you go on a Sugar Detox

<strong>Healthy Snack of Crackers and Guacamole:</strong>  My wife measured out the exact amount of Crackers I could have so I wouldn't go over the sugar budget for the day.
A friend posted a link to a Sugar Detox  a couple weeks ago, just in time for the New Year.   I’m wary of New Year’s resolutions and goals that set one up to fail but I figure even I can pull off something like this  since it is only 3 days.   I decided to start... Read more »

Marathon training and blogging tip: be honest with yourself

When I was a Group Leader for CARA, every summer we’d have a crop of newbies who were training for the Chicago Marathon for the first time.  Most of them usually said the same thing, that they just wanted to finish the race. 18 weeks later they’d run the marathon and they would all finish... Read more »

I want to break up with the gym

This is an experience I had trying to quit my gym a few years ago before I had a blog, which meant I  “blogged” by sending my “posts” through e-mail to friends or posted in the Notes Section of Facebook.   I’m sure most people just deleted the e-mails without reading them.  Rather than re-work the... Read more »