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Planning a Wedding? Don't do these things

<strong>Insisting on A June Wedding</strong><br><br>

Specifically, a June 1st or whatever day the first Saturday in June falls on.  Seriously, the <strong><em>Wedding Cartel</em></strong> knows that you have been dreaming about a June wedding since you were a little flower girl in your Aunt Louise wedding, so not only it is going to be very expensive for you, but you are competing with other <em>Bridzillas </em>who want the same day.  That means essentially your friends have to chose which lunatic they like better.  (hint: family usually trumps friends).
Weddings can be very stressful, not only for the people who are getting married but also for the people who are part of the wedding party.  The Wedding Industry doesn’t help by making things redunkulously expensive.  But there are some things you can do to help mitigate the stress.   Here’s some more good wedding... Read more »

When History repeats itself, it's an opportunity to take the other path

Like most people, I periodically clean out the friends list on the ole Book of Faces, removing people who don’t interact with me,  log in very often or not make one of the Bucket Criteria.  In general I’m unfriending people that don’t fit one of the criteria for being a friend/connection on FB.  I discovered... Read more »

High School Reunions: I think I'll sit the next few out

According to my Facebook feed this is High School Reunion time. A few years ago, I had to skip my 25th high school reunion because my wife wanted to go to Michigan to see her family. Everyone was going to be in the same place, ironically, because her parents were home for their high school... Read more »

Happy Birthday to me and Happy 100th Post on ChicagoNow

So today is my 45th Birthday and this is my 100th* post on ChicagoNow. When I started blogging on ChicagoNow, my wife Nightingale and I were in the process of seeking a larger, more family-friendly abode. So I was blogging about that. Then we found a house and I tried writing “in delay” about those... Read more »

Holiday PSA: Evite Etiquette

Quick Quiz:  When you get an invitation that requests an RSVP, do you: Immediately check your calendar and respond accordingly, Wait until the last minute to make sure something else doesn’t suddenly pop up, Something in between depending on who/what the sender/event is. Most of us fall in that last category myself included. But I... Read more »