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Feeling melancholy about the Chicago Marathon I didn't run

This time of year makes me feel a little nostalgic. For the better part of two decades, I was training for and running the Chicago Marathon. I’d spend the bulk of summer days running Piles of Miles with an almost religious adherence to a training schedule. It meant getting up at the ButtCrack of Dawn... Read more »

So long DailyMile, we will miss you

I’ve been using the DailyMile website to track my running since December 2010.  It was part of a pact between some runner friends to encourage us to run during the winter months.  3300 miles according to my profile page.  Before that, I just uploaded my Garmen Forerunner 305 data into some proprietary software that came... Read more »

When to quit a race and when to power through

So I got a newsletter from Athlinks and one of the items was a piece about whether or not to quit a race midway if you are having a bad day. Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel mid-race? If you have, you’re not alone. But what’s the difference between wimping out and... Read more »

Time to purge the running clothes already

<strong>Two weeks worth of running clothes</strong>
During the Marathon Era of my life, when I was a more avid runner, I collected a large wardrobe of running clothes for all seasons. At its height I probably had a good two weeks worth of running shirts alone. Now that I’m not logging nearly as many miles, there is no need to fill... Read more »

The Cost of a Run: Now and Then

Every time I check the On This Day in Facebook, there is inevitably at least one or two memories of me going for a run.  My posts were pretty boring in the early days of FB (spoiler alert: they still are).  The longer ago the memory, the longer the run it would seem. I use... Read more »

That Time I missed Qualifying for the Boston Marathon by 15 minutes

It’s the 2nd/4th Wednesday of the month and that means Blogapalooza where we are challenged to write a post and publish it in one hour. Here is this month’s challenge: “Write about a period or moment in your life when you were at your best.”  Here’s my take: Ten years (and a few months) ago,... Read more »

Things to Consider When Selecting a Marathon Training Program

The following is a revamp of an email I wrote for one of my running groups when I led a marathon training groups for CARA.  This content is Chicago Marathon centered but could easily be applied to any marathon. So you’ve decided to train for a marathon.  You got your shoes and your running clothes... Read more »

Hey Mayor Emanuel, nice running the Ravenswood 5K with you

Yesterday I ran the 20th Annual Fleet Feet Ravenswood 5K.  This is only the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve ever participated in that race because in years past, it was usually the same weekend of the Lakefront 10 miler and back in the day I had more stamina and speed.  Besides getting slower, I realized... Read more »

Gia Alvarez cannot run away from Boston Marathon Scandal

Note: this story is ongoing as as new information is made available this post may be update accordingly. Gia Alvarez, an avid runner, blogger and running coach, has been banned from running the Boston Marathon and any other Boston Athletic Association events for life.  Alvarez did two No-Nos in the racing world. She let someone... Read more »

Marathon training and blogging tip: be honest with yourself

When I was a Group Leader for CARA, every summer we’d have a crop of newbies who were training for the Chicago Marathon for the first time.  Most of them usually said the same thing, that they just wanted to finish the race. 18 weeks later they’d run the marathon and they would all finish... Read more »