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It's time to separate Trick-O-Treat from Halloween

Two years ago,  I wrote about my well documented desire to move Halloween to a potentially better weather day in October.  I’ve argued that it is time to embrace the practicality of celebrating this holiday on a day other than the last day of October because it is almost always too cold in most parts of the country for an... Read more »

You don't need permission, but inclusion is a good thing

While I have resided on Planet Coupledom for well over a decade, I still speak Single, though not as fluently as I once did.   I still follow some advice Sachems like Carolyn Hax and Dan Savage in my news feed.  Admittedly, I don’t consume their content like I once did, but it is still good... Read more »

A Long overdue goodbye to Summer

Even though I haven’t been motivated to vent my spleen in a while, I’m hammering out this post because we apparently have a new policy at CN where you could lose your blog space if you don’t post periodically or frequently enough or something. Don’t feel neglected readers, I haven’t been posting on social media... Read more »

Every Couple needs a Secret Language

Every couple, gay or straight, whether married or in a LTR, needs their own secret language. I’m not talking Lovey-Dovey baby talk but some simple words, phrases and even gestures that seem straightforward to circumstantial eavesdroppers, but have a clandestine meaning to you and your partner.  Think of these as your safe words for non-sexual situations. One common... Read more »

Parents need kidproof appliances, not refrigerators that can stream Game of Thrones

I like technology as much as the next geek, but only to the extent that it either really helps make my life easier, or it is really cool without a high cost of entry.  Alas there are some technologies out there that miss both these markers and will not be seen in our household any... Read more »

How to Repurpose a Crib Rail into a Gate

Of the 4 sides of the crib, this piece works the best because of its length and girth.
A few years ago, I decided to take a crack at fixing the gate between my deck and the side fence in my yard.   I didn’t understand why the previous owner had a gate there.  Now that I have children, I completely understand the need.  Alas, my attempt in 2014 sucked and I left it... Read more »

Three bad luck moments that happened at the best time

I refer to this as the Crisis Of the Week, or COW for short. It may not be earth shattering or life threatening, but it generally consumes 80% of your attention. It may not even be an entire week’s length of time. I guess there could be other permutations as well such as: COD –... Read more »

Friday Night Ritual: Ordering Pizza

Tonight if all the stars align, I will pick up my kids from daycare, swing around to catch my wife at the El station, circle back to the pizza parlor to pick up an extra large cheese & sausage from Bacci.   More than likely though, my wife will be running late, or even early, and... Read more »

An Open Letter to Two Different Set of Friends

Dear Childless/Childfree Friend: I want to hang out with you, I really do.  I miss the getting together after work and going to a social event where it was like $30 all you can drink.  While I don’t miss the chasing after skirts Playing the Field, I wouldn’t mind being your wing-man again.  Though honestly,... Read more »

2-Year-Old Toddler Saves Twin From Fallen Dresser, afterwards ArmChair Parents chime in

Thumbnail image for '2-Year-Old Toddler Saves Twin From Fallen Dresser, afterwards ArmChair Parents chime in'
Update 01/05/2017:  There are some who believe this video was faked.  I’m not sure why anyone would do such a thing, the benefit would have to outweigh the Parent Shaming they endured, or they completely miscalculated the rewards and/or response.    Has everyone seen the video of the 2 year old who lifted a dresser... Read more »