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How different is the modern world to the one you grew up in?

This was a question I was A2A on Quora.  For those who are not in the know, A2A means Asked to Answer, as in someone feels you are an expert in this field. Here are some things I can think of just off the cuff: Banking Mail Television Radio Music Telephones Banking:  It wasn’t that long ago that you had... Read more »

All I could remember was Goodbye Doesn't Mean This has to be The End

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At the end of the movie Oh Heavenly Dog, this song plays at the end, during the credit roll. I could never figure out what the name of the song was.  I only ever watched it on free OTA TV (because I’ve never paid for cable) and they cut the credits before getting to the... Read more »

Music is the Ultimate Time Machine: Book of Love's Witchcraft

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It’s really cool listening to an old song and noticing something that you’ve never noticed before. Hat tip to Nina from You Know Neen for the headline idea. Recently, I added 90s Techno Tunes to my Spotify Playlists and have been listening to some old school synthpop while running. I discovered a reference to Dark... Read more »

Facebook Take a Break Feature puts friendships on Life Support

The other night a friend from my College Years posted something on Facebook that could be perceived as racist, if read in a certain light.  Specifically, any light bright enough to read her status post in. It would be easy to unfriend her and not look back.  In fact, since I am trying to trim... Read more »

These letters have been in a shoe box for over 25 years. Find out what I'm going to do with them

Back in the day, people wrote one another because phone calls were expensive, especially if they were long distance.  I have this box of old snail mail letters from my college days and shortly thereafter.  A treasure trove of envelopes of multitudes colors and sizes, stamps of all varieties, and postmarks from exotic places such... Read more »

Not so fast: Summer Ain't Over Yet

It’s after Labor Day and my social media feed is filled with first day of school pictures and people saddened by the symbolic end of summer.  Although many people defines Summer as the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the Autumnal Equinox isn’t for another two weeks!  And even after that, the Midwest usually... Read more »

Friday Night Ritual: Ordering Pizza

Tonight if all the stars align, I will pick up my kids from daycare, swing around to catch my wife at the El station, circle back to the pizza parlor to pick up an extra large cheese & sausage from Bacci.   More than likely though, my wife will be running late, or even early, and... Read more »

There is a world of difference between Being Critical and being Negative

You’ve probably seen those memes that advocate eliminating negativity, or banning negative thoughts from your life, or putting negative people in concentration camps.  Okay I made up that last one until a reader goes to meme generator… What I don’t like about the concept is that it doesn’t make a distinction between Negativity and simply... Read more »

9 things that annoyed me this week

<strong>CTA Jerk Riders:</strong> You have the guy with his bags on his seat oblivious to the crowded EL while talking on his phone, and just in front of him a lady is sitting on the aisle seat so it isn't easy for someone to slide in and sit down.
While I wish I could lead a more easy-going, zen lifestyle, I’m just not wired that way.  I often get annoyed at the most trivial things and even if I ignore them to the best of my ability, they seem to become cumulative.  I miss a turn light  I could totally have made had it... Read more »

Want to work at my company? Talk to me BEFORE applying

For the 3rd time since I started my not-so-new job, a friend has reached out to me asking if I could help them get into the company.  (4th if you count a douchebag who is not a friend so much as a raging asshole with no soft skills whatsoever). I’m always willing to help a... Read more »