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Every Couple needs a Secret Language

Every couple, gay or straight, whether married or in a LTR, needs their own secret language. I’m not talking Lovey-Dovey baby talk but some simple words, phrases and even gestures that seem straightforward to circumstantial eavesdroppers, but have a clandestine meaning to you and your partner.  Think of these as your safe words for non-sexual situations. One common... Read more »

How years of rejection in the Dating World prepared me for losing my job

So the cat can now be let out of the bag.  My company TopFive has discovered that it is an accounting firm, not an IT firm and as such, it is strongly considering moving to a Managed Services model (read: outsourcing) and my job will soon be gone. We are of course using the current... Read more »

Dear Single People: Married People don't have a clue either

The following was posted by a friend of a friend on her Facebook page a while back: Question:  Ok, married FB friends…what’s your secret? I’ve been on every dating site and am also very self-aware. I’d like to think I’m a catch!!! What’s the dilly-o? My Answer:  No f-ing clue.  There isn’t any magic or... Read more »