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Mitch Tribisky, your table is waiting

Hello Mitch, or do you prefer Mitchell?  Either way, welcome to Chicago where the backup quarterback is the favorite, until he isn’t.  I know you got off to a rough start with the neurotic Bears fan base.  We want a starter under center that can be the franchise quarterback, but we don’t really want to... Read more »

Can the Bears rally like the Cubs?

The Chicago Bears have done fans two big favors this year.  First, they got their sucking out of the way early so any delusions of a post-season run were put to death early.  Second, thanks to their quirky schedule, they got their prime time games (SNF, MNF, TNF) and out of the way early as... Read more »

Early Christmas present from the Bears: We get our Sundays back

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I know most Bears fans are still pissed off about the latest Bears loss. This one, a Thursday Night prime time game against Dallas gave us a glimmer of what could have been when the Bears rallied to within two scores.Unfortunately, even if Jay Cutler throw a touchdown pass instead of an interception into the... Read more »

One Bears loss does not end the season...yet

Wow judging from all the chatter around Chicago, you’d think the Bear’s season officially ended last Sunday, 15 games early. Relax people. see if your ObamaCare can spring for some Xanax or something. Yes there were turnovers and missed tackles and mental lapses. It certainly wasn’t as bad as last season, we have a lot... Read more »

Chicago Bears: Please Skip the Preseason Games

Dear Chicago Bears, Please do us all a favor and skip the pre-season. Seriously, the injury risks are too great to have our offense playing much, if at all, in what amount to glorified exhibition games. Just this week in training camp you lost potential #3 receiver Marquess Wilson with a broken collarbone. In Practice.... Read more »

Super Bowl and some other things we need to move or eliminate

<strong>Move the Super Bowl:</strong>  While the idea of moving it to Saturday has been suggested and rejected, it is still worth considering. At the very least, perhaps we could move it deeper into February so that President's Day give some people the Monday off? If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gets his way, and the playoffs are expanded, this might just happen.
I know it will NEVER happen but there are some things in the world we live in today that we would be better off without or at least better off if we didn’t have to deal with them when some archaic tradition says they need to appear on the calendar. Some of these may have... Read more »

Jay Cutler Contract: Stop bitching about it already

By now everyone who cares knows the details for Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s seven-year, $126.7 million contract.  According to a league source, the deal didn’t include a signing bonus and has $54 million in total guaranteed money.  The deal averages $18.1 million per year.  source Note:  I created this graphic based on numbers reported... Read more »

Chicago Bears Interesting Statistic for 2013 Season

When I was a young lad, I wanted every team that beat the Bears to miss the playoffs that year. Some years, that would have required canceling the post-season. With today’s Bear’s game against the Green Bay Packers putting it all on the line, let’s look back at the season so far. Teams that beat... Read more »

NFL Playoff System needs some tweaking

Before we can address the fix for this problem, we have to first agree that we do have a problem.  Namely, weaker teams are getting into the playoffs while arguably superior teams are sent home to watch the playoffs on TV.  If you truly believe that the current NFL playoff system is fine the way... Read more »

Jay Cutler here to stay and that's a good thing

Alright, I’ve finally got enough of the bad taste from Sunday’s Bears loss to vent my spleen about Jay Cutler. He’s not going anywhere Chicago and that’s probably a good thing. I know a lot of people here think they’ve seen enough of the Good Jay/Bad Jay show to think it’s time to look elsewhere.... Read more »