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It's okay that my twins haven't started talking yet

I’m a really bad parent.  For one thing, when someone asks me how old my rug rats are, I hesitate.  It takes me a minute to remember what freaking day and month it is because they are all the freaking same.  I also don’t speak Parentese very well because I will round up or down... Read more »

The Death of the Phone call

I do not like to talk on the phone.  Sure I can call and make an appointment to have my hair cut or see the podiatrist.  And I talk to plenty of people on the phone in my line of work.  But when it comes to having a personal conversation, I break out into hives... Read more »

Do Twins run in your family

This question seems to be a standard opening I get from a lot of people, many who run the gambit from close friend to virtual stranger.  I usually answer with: *) They do now. *) Well they mostly crawl but they are working on walking. Most people are just trying to make small talk and... Read more »

Why I'm renewing my Lincoln Park Zoo membership via snail mail

View image | The time has come to renew my membership to the Lincoln Park Zoo and I’m doing it the old-fashioned way: by mailing in my renewal application instead of paying online.  Why not use the modern convenience of online bill pay?  First, some context. While I might have skipped a year here... Read more »

The ups and downs of keeping your baby names a secret

About seven seconds after we shared the news that we were pregnant, people have been asking all sorts of questions. When is Nightingale due?  Are we going to learn the sex of the children? Do they have a favorite cognac and preferred smokes? You know, the standard FAQs. Like an episode of Lost, every question led to... Read more »

Dear Future Children: Roseanne Roseannadanna was right, It Always Is Something

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Dear future children, This is Week #19 and you are both the size of a [Note to  Self:  remember to ask mommie what that website says you are this week. Update: she says you are either Heirloom tomatoes or softballs.] It’s been a stressful week for us — your parents — for a variety of... Read more »