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Blogiversary: 5 years at ChicagoNow

Five years ago this week I published my first post.  295 published posts later, the subject matter has obviously changed.  Whenever the anniversary of our first post comes along, bloggers like to write about it because it’s a clever way to make a post about me we sometimes just cannot think of anything else to... Read more »

These letters have been in a shoe box for over 25 years. Find out what I'm going to do with them

Back in the day, people wrote one another because phone calls were expensive, especially if they were long distance.  I have this box of old snail mail letters from my college days and shortly thereafter.  A treasure trove of envelopes of multitudes colors and sizes, stamps of all varieties, and postmarks from exotic places such... Read more »

What would you do with a Time Machine?

I posited the following question on my FB the other day: If you had a time machine, describe your first trip…what time period would you visit, what would you do? Some of my friends played along and came up with interesting things like “witness the Resurrection of Jesus” or “see Einstein and Eddington prove relativity. ... Read more »

Who cares if Cursive Writing becomes Extinct?

  I have always hated my manual writing.  Both my cursive and my printing suck (my writing sucks in many ways, but it is especially noticeable on the visual level).  I do take pen to paper now and again when taking notes or writing up the first draft of some writing opus.  But I usually... Read more »

What to do with your laptop when you need to go to the bathroom at a coffee shop

A lot of people, writers especially, like to work at a coffee shop instead of a home office or den. I’m not sure what the exact appeal is.  Maybe writers think they are emulating Hemingway or they enjoy the convenience of being able to order food and drink without having to stop working.  Maybe it’s... Read more »

The First Rule of Write Club: We don't talk about not posting

Here at ChicagoNow we often get together in our Virtual Club House and talk about blogging challenges.  We give each other advice, support and suggestions for navigating the blogosphere.  That is before things devolve into a virtual pillow fight and soft core porn montage. A couple of my fellow bloggers have come clean this week... Read more »

How did NaNoWriMo work out of you?

Until last year, I didn’t even know that November was the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, until I saw this piece over at author John Scalzi’s blog.  Known by the hash tag of #NaNoWriMo, wannabe writers are encouraged to write a novel in the time frame of one month. Not necessarily a good or... Read more »