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Fixing my Through-The-Wall air conditioner dilemma

It is a very old, <strong>SEARS Coldspot</strong>.  How old?  When you google the model number you get Maytag refrigerators because <em>Sears </em>stopped making these around the time Nixon resigned.
One of the warts of our 106-year-old house is that it does not have central air conditioning.  Over the years I have explored installing some type of cooling system but it has always been cost-prohibitive.  In the Master Bedroom, we have what is known as a Through-the-Wall air conditioner.  What some crazy or visionary previous owner did was take a... Read more »

The Humboldt Park Alligator Saga bothers me and I'm not sure why

Earlier this week a friend shared a post on Facebook about an alligator discovered in the lagoon at Humboldt Park.  Uncle Ivars posts frequently about many bizarre and diverse things, usually ahead of the wave of things that go viral.  I shared it with the following: Fucking gentrification. When I lived in Humboldt Park, no self-respecting... Read more »