How I got my old school stereo system to stream music inexpensively

The previous owner of our house had installed some speakers in the ceiling of the kitchen.  The speaker wires feed into a cabinet above the fridge.  I can play local OTA radio stations (aka Celestial Stations) and CDs through it ( He left behind a non-working CD player which I have replaced with an old school stereo receiver). However, it would be cool if I could to stream music through those speakers from either my PC or Spotify.

In my perfect world I would also be able to add additional wireless speakers in other parts of the house, maybe even using the sound bars of TVs (have not bought sound bars yet) thus being able to hear whatever choice of music I want throughout the house.  There are solutions out there but they can be rather expensive and it doesn’t make sense right now to put a fancy State-of-the-Art AV receiver in a cabinet.

So after a little research, I purchased a Dayton Audio WFA02 Audio Adapter which claims to let you connect your analog system with your PC or Music Streaming Service.

While this device didn’t have all the functionality I was looking for, at the discounted price of $40 it is worth it as a stop-gap solution for playing my music until I either upgrade to a SONOS system or get a better house.


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