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The Cost of a Run: Now and Then

Every time I check the On This Day in Facebook, there is inevitably at least one or two memories of me going for a run.  My posts were pretty boring in the early days of FB (spoiler alert: they still are).  The longer ago the memory, the longer the run it would seem. I use... Read more »

Job Hunting and the Purple Squirrel

<strong>You really need my middle name:</strong>  There's no law against having more or less than two given names, but apparently this software was written 20 years ago when many <a href="" target="_blank">computer programs were coded</a> to recognize three names and only three names.
In the not too distant past, I had a job interview.  Even before the Big Announcement — that TopFive was moving to a Managed Service Model — I was quietly looking for a new job because I knew I was on borrowed time.  In Corporate America, we use the terms Capacity and Demand.  For the... Read more »